Toronto Man Accused of Casino Fraud

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Though we perceive astir nan world of online casino gaming these days, a Toronto-area man has deed nan news for perchance committing fraud against respective area casinos. Branavan Kanapathipillai allegedly made much than $4 cardinal successful deposits astatine respective area casinos complete nan past respective years.

He wasn’t flagged until recently, including a rate buy-in of astir $100,000 successful Niagara Falls. Though location are different factors astatine play, his buy-ins were nan awesome reddish flags successful position of wide suspicious transactions crossed a number of Ontario gaming establishments. 

Slow Response

Police complaint Ontario casino trader for allegedly helping patrons to cheat  |

Though Kanapathapillai’s actions person been yet uncovered, this illustrates an underlying problem pinch detecting perchance problematic casino transactions: speed. Though online casino games often person a stigma related to security, it is conscionable arsenic overmuch a problem for unit locations. 

Authorities yet caught up to Kanapathapillai but it took years to do so. “It’s a unspeakable point to say, but it’s unfastened play for individuals for illustration this,” says retired RCMP money laundering master Garry Clement. “They look beautiful obvious. There’s much to this than conscionable gambling.”

More connected Kanapathapillai

It seems for illustration that $100,000 buy-in was conscionable nan extremity of nan iceberg arsenic to what he was up to. It was flagged by a cashier astatine Fallsview Casino. Kanapathipillai claimed he was utilizing nan proceeds garnered from a 3rd mortgage. Instead, nan rate was seized and nan investigation grew.

He was recovered to person aggregate aliases, drivers licenses, and slope accounts, each of which covered a history of fraud and convictions spanning 2 decades. It is estimated based connected transaction reports astatine banks and casinos connected to him that he whitethorn person had arsenic overmuch arsenic $11 cardinal successful transactions. He besides had a $182,000 deposit astatine Fallsview backmost successful 2015.

More Suspicious Transactions

If anything, this is suggestive that location is simply a inclination of suspicious transactions. After numbers dropped from $334 cardinal successful suspicious transactions successful 2019 to $116 cardinal by 2021, nan numbers person since changeable up. With 3 new casinos opened successful 2022, that fig roseate to $372 cardinal successful suspicious transactions.

It is simply a motion that casinos are much actively logging suspicious buy-ins. These devices are utilized by rule enforcement for investigations for illustration these. It is besides suggestive of imaginable challenges erstwhile facing money laundering investigations tied to nan casino industry.


While this is decidedly a awesome bust successful nan prevention of fraudulent casino activity, it is conscionable different successful what will nary uncertainty beryllium a agelong line. How authorities and casinos respond to these situations going guardant will nary uncertainty carnivore scrutiny complete time.