Top 5 Poker Movies of All Time

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Every bully movie leaves nan spectator wanting more. No matter nan subject, nan spectator is anchored into their spot, shocked erstwhile nan movie has travel to an extremity aft seemingly nary time. For poker aficionados, location are 5 poker movies that are a must-watch.

Rounders (1998)

Any database of poker movies will person Rounders location adjacent nan top. Matt Damon’s Mike McDermott goes done nan travel that only high-stakes poker could provide. With dreams of a casino spot astatine nan World Series of Poker, he loses big, gets backmost into nan circuit pinch his scumbag buddy Worm, and yet comes look to look pinch his destiny. There are countless classical scenes successful this one, including nan last enactment showdown pinch Teddy KGB.

Cincinnati Kid (1965)

Before Rounders, location was The Cincinnati Kid. The oldest movie connected this database still stands nan trial of time. Steve McQueen stars arsenic a kid who sets retired to beryllium that he is nan champion poker subordinate successful nan game. Set successful nan 1930s, nan attraction of nan movie is Five Card Stud. McQueen’s characteristic goes connected a travel that brings him look to look pinch Lancey Howard, nan unofficial champion around. You can play the real poker on Situs Togel today, and feel the sensation playing Pools.

California Split (1974)

Though it is simply a light-hearted movie connected nan surface, this movie goes overmuch deeper than that. This movie takes a deeper dive into nan darker sides of poker, really it tin entrap anyone and nan consequences of getting sucked in. Starring George Segal and Elliott Gould, location is nary amended look astatine conscionable really quickly things tin spell incorrect erstwhile going for nan large win. If you’ve ever sat down astatine a poker array before, California Split will go very relatable successful nary time.

Molly’s Game (2017)

Perhaps nan past existent poker movie to deed theatres, nan communicative is based connected nan “Poker Queen” Molly Bloom. Starring Jessica Chastain, it takes online players distant from nan hopes of being capable to win existent money and showing nan world of high-stakes games. It follows her commencement arsenic a youngster done her epic downfall for organizing forbidden poker games.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003)

Though not each procreation knows nan sanction Stu Ungar, they surely will aft this movie. It follows nan communicative of arguably nan top poker subordinate to person ever lived. There is an in-depth look astatine Unger’s life and career, his demons, and really his profession ended earlier than expected. It provides a real-life look into nan life of a famous, precocious roller successful nan poker world for illustration ne'er before.