Top 5 Blackjack Movies of All-Time

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There are a number of casino movies retired there, galore of them group successful Las Vegas aliases Atlantic City. Though gambling acts arsenic thing of a backdrop successful some, location are different movies wherever a circumstantial crippled is astatine nan halfway of nan story. These blackjack movies do nan crippled justness successful much ways than one.

21 (2008)

We’ve each seen nan GIF of Zach Galifianakis successful heavy thought, equations whipping astir his head. That comes from this movie, based connected nan famed MIT Blackjack Team. A loaded formed led by Kevin Spacey shows nan team’s travel from winning hundreds of thousands astatine Vegas casinos to its untimely downfall. With a beardown romanticist subplot, this 1 of nan champion blackjack-based movies ever.

Croupier (1998)

While astir gambling-based movies are astir nan player, this 1 is unsocial since it is astir a blackjack dealer. Jack Manfred is simply a writer who takes a croupier occupation conscionable to make ends meet. He breaks casino policy, getting progressive pinch a chap worker contempt having a girlfriend. The segment wherever Jack deals to his leader is 1 that lives connected arsenic 1 of nan champion successful immoderate blackjack movie.

Rain Man (1988)

Even for those who person ne'er seen nan movie, Dustin Hoffman’s capacity arsenic Raymond Babbitt lives connected arsenic legend. An autistic savant pinch an affinity to count cards, Raymond helps profoundly indebted relative Charlie return nan Vegas blackjack tables by storm. This movie is littered pinch celebrated quotes, including 1 astir Judge Wapner.

The Last Casino (2004)

The famed MIT Blackjack Team has been nan taxable of a fewer movies. Led by their professor, The Last Casino follows Professor Barnes arsenic he puts together a squad of students to propulsion disconnected an epic live casino takedown. The mathematics geniuses conflict pinch trying to triumph large while battling nan pressures brought connected by Barnes, who fights his ain demons successful a compulsive gambling addiction. It’s a made for TV movie, but it surely does not consciousness for illustration one.

The Gambler (2014)

The formed is stacked – Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Jessica Lange, Brie Larsen, and much – and nan communicative is thing short of gripping. The communicative centers connected a lit professor who gets successful heavy pinch an underground casino operator. Owing a section indebtedness shark arsenic well, Professor Bennett has a week to salary it disconnected aliases it will costs him his life. Though nan movie comes down to a roulette spin, astir of nan movie is spent astatine nan table, wherever nan skilled Bennett plays immoderate exceptional Togel Strategy.