Top 5 Biggest Casinos in the USA

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Though online casinos, featuring games for illustration roulette, online blackjack, and others, person go nan norm, location is thing that tin switch nan existent thing. Visitors tin return it up a notch by visiting immoderate of nan largest casinos successful nan United States.

Spanning hundreds of thousands of quadrate feet, nan 5 biggest casinos will rustle your mind. Check retired nan database beneath to spot nan database of nan astir expansive casinos successful nan country.

WinStar World Casino & Resort

At 400,000 quadrate feet, this casino successful Thackerville, OK won’t jump to mind arsenic a go-to destination but it is nan azygous largest casino successful nan U.S. With much than 10,000 slots and 150+ array games, players tin acquisition nan sights and sounds of awesome destinations successful “plazas” featuring Paris, Beijing, Rio, and New York. That’s not moreover mentioning nan 3,500-seat venue that hosts awesome acts for illustration Jerry Seinfeld and Blake Shelton.

Mohegan Sun

There person been 3 awesome renovations since nan casino launched successful 1996, but nan 364,000 sq ft building has almost 400 array games and much than 6,500 slots to take from. Even cooler, nan edifice is location to nan New England Black Wolves of nan National Lacrosse League and nan Connecticut Sun of nan WNBA.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

The oldest casino connected our list, this tribal casino – astatine much than 344,000 sq ft – has been astir since 1992. The 114-table poker room is nan 3rd largest successful nan world and has go an outlet analyzable featuring much than 80 luxury marque stores. While a live casino tin springiness you a life-like experience, location is thing that compares to being connected nan level of a monolithic casino for illustration this.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort

At 275,000 sq ft, this 20-year-old casino is owned by nan Auburn Indian Community. Located adjacent Sacramento, Thunder Valley not only features much than 3,400 games and 125+ array games, but a afloat 400-room luxury edifice pinch a wellness nine and 14 restaurants. There is besides nan Whitney Oaks Golf Club, wherever visitors tin play 18 holes connected a world-class play course.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

The Seminole Tribe retired of Tampa, FL owns this casino, nan biggest successful nan state. Because of nan Hard Rock name, euphony is simply a awesome theme. Guests tin create their ain soundtrack and moreover rent a Fender Guitar to jam. It is simply a awesome spot for high-limit slot players acknowledgment to machines that let for stakes up to $1,000 per pull.


Though they whitethorn not travel from nan astir apt of places, these casinos are gargantuan successful size and connection unsocial amenities and experiences. You whitethorn not person had immoderate of these towns connected your database of places to visit, but immoderate casino aficionado would emotion to peruse nan litany of options these monolithic establishments person to offer.