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Every year, millions of Canadians stitchery to indulge successful Super Bowl traditions specified arsenic eating elaborate appetizers and placing bets connected nan game. Since nan Super Bowl is an world sports betting holiday, there’s immoderate cardinal accusation to cognize earlier wading into nan waters of betting.

Read connected to study more astir Super Bowl betting successful Canada and consciousness assured successful your process going into nan large day!

Popular Types of Super Bowl Bets successful Canada

The astir celebrated types of Super Bowl Bets somewhat disagree from nan betting markets that are typically nan astir progressive during nan NFL season. Here are the stake types that Canadians are predominantly willing successful during nan Super Bowl.

Prop Betting

Prop betting originated astatine Super Bowl XX and continues to beryllium nan astir celebrated shape of Super Bowl sports betting to this very day.

A prop bet, simply put, is a bet connected a statistic that is unrelated to nan last score. The astir celebrated types of prop bets often interest nan capacity of a peculiar player. For example, betting markets specified arsenic “Anytime Touchdown Scorer” aliases “Travis Kelce Over/Under 55.5 yards.”

During nan Super Bowl, things are taken a step further pinch prop betting arsenic location are galore that genuinely do not subordinate to in-game shot activities whatsoever.

For example, betting markets for illustration “Over/Under On Length of National Anthem” aliases “What Colour Will The Gatorade Be?”

Traditional Betting

Traditional betting refers to immoderate and each of nan classical betting markets that person been astir since nan inception of sports betting. The three stake types that autumn nether this class see money statement betting, dispersed betting, and over/under betting.

Money statement betting is arsenic elemental arsenic picking nan outright winner. Spread betting takes money statement betting to nan adjacent level, arsenic a squad must either triumph aliases suffer by a definite number of points. For example, if nan Chiefs are -6.5 connected nan spread, they must triumph by 7 points (a touchdown) aliases more.

Over/under betting is typically associated pinch nan sum of nan last people nevertheless it besides has different utilities specified arsenic nan Travis Kelce over/under prop stake illustration mentioned during nan past section.

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To springiness an illustration of a accepted over/under bet, let’s opportunity nan crippled constituent full is group astatine 45.5 points. An complete stake would request 46 aliases much points to rate (like a last people of 24-23 for example) whereas an nether stake would request nan last sum to beryllium 45 points aliases less.

Parlay Betting

A parlay stake is fundamentally a operation bet. Each portion of nan parlay is called a “leg” and each limb must successfully deed for nan wager to beryllium profitable.

For example, if you spot a five-leg parlay connected 5 different anytime touchdown scorers but only 4 of those players people touchdowns, the full stake loses.

Parlay bets are not constricted to peculiar betting markets either. For example, it would beryllium imaginable for you to person a three-leg parlay featuring 2 prop bets and a money statement bet.

Live Betting

Live betting tin mention to immoderate of nan aforementioned stake types. The quality is that unrecorded bets are placed erstwhile nan crippled has already started, pinch nan likelihood of each betting marketplace fluctuating depending connected what’s happening in-game.

For example, if 49ers prima backmost Christian McCaffrey scores an early touchdown, nan likelihood of his 2+ touchdown unrecorded betting prop marketplace will change. After all, an early touchdown intends he’s a batch much apt to people a full of 2+ fixed nan number of minutes near connected nan clock.

Super Bowl Betting Tips & Tricks

There are a fewer tips and tricks every Canadian bettor should know earlier diving headfirst into Super Bowl betting. Read beneath to study really to spot knowledgeable bets connected nan NFL’s biggest time of nan year.

Take Advantage of Special Promos

Every sportsbook knows that more Canadians are betting than accustomed during nan Super Bowl. As such, location are tons of promotions to thief you prevention while betting. If you’re a caller player, location are sign-up bonuses including deposit matching and prize stake credits. For returning players location are reload bonuses arsenic good arsenic boosted likelihood connected same-game parlays, and more!

All’s to say, don’t beryllium acrophobic to shop astir and to make accounts pinch aggregate sportsbooks successful bid to maximize nan value of nan existent rate you scheme to deposit.

Don’t Go Too Overboard With Silly Props

As antecedently mentioned, location are respective silly prop betting markets to take from during nan Super Bowl. Sports betting is meant to beryllium fun and not profitable, truthful there’s thing incorrect pinch placing a fistful of silly prop bets.

That said, don’t spell overboard and only stake connected props. Be judge to diversify meaning you should besides make safer bets connected football-related events.

Always Check The News

Rosters are perpetually changing owed to a assortment of different factors including injuries and suspensions. Always make judge to do a speedy news cheque earlier placing immoderate bets.

That way, you don’t make a unspeakable correction specified arsenic betting connected an injured subordinate to people a touchdown. Conversely, it tin beryllium wise to stake connected a backup subordinate pinch longer likelihood if nan starter successful beforehand of him goes down.

Volume is king successful football, and sometimes each a backup needs is simply a fewer other snaps to find salary ungraded (a shot word meaning to people a touchdown).

Spend Within Your Financial Means

This past extremity whitethorn look evident to some, but it’s besides easy to get carried distant if you don’t person a plan. Before placing immoderate bets connected nan Super Bowl, honestly measure your financial business and ne'er walk much than you tin spend to lose.

Don’t beryllium acrophobic to usage responsible gaming devices and group limits to further discipline yourself. Never expect your bets to automatically win, nary matter really beardown they whitethorn seem, and ne'er bet for nan sole intent of making a profit.


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