The Best Countries for Thrill-Seekers

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As nan request for adrenaline-fueled experiences continues to grow, we sought to find retired which countries are nan champion for thrill-seekers.

To do this, we assessed and analysed 7 factors crossed complete 60 countries worldwide, including:

  • Casinos
  • Roller Coasters
  • Rock Climbing Trails
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Hiking Trails
  • Off-road trails
  • Highest highest tallness (m)

To guarantee precision successful evaluating each country’s abundance (or scarcity) of thrill factors, we calculated a last Adrenaline Index score retired of 10, taking into relationship each country’s organization size to summation nan accuracy of our data. Let’s dive into nan results.

The champion countries for adrenaline junkies

The champion countires for thrilseekers

1. France (8.86/10)

France is nan ultimate thrill-seeker’s paradise, scoring a singular 8.86 retired of 10 connected our adrenaline scale. Iconic upland ranges, specified arsenic nan Pyrenees and Alps, connection complete 720,000 hiking trails, and nan formidable Mont Blanc, towering astatine 4,810 metres, is simply a highlight.

But nan escapade doesn’t extremity there. Cliff jumping successful nan Calanques, stone climbing successful Provence, and glacier cycling are conscionable a fewer activities for adrenaline junky daredevils awaiting successful France, resulting successful nan apical spot connected our list.

2. Mexico (8.56/10)

Mexico comes successful 2nd place, pinch a people of 8.56 retired of 10. Beyond its renowned fiestas and refreshing margaritas, Mexico beckons pinch action-packed activities for thrill seekers. Scale nan iconic snow-capped cone of Pico de Orizaba, towering astatine 5,636 metres supra oversea level, aliases conquer 1 of nan world’s largest athletics climbing areas astatine El Potrero Chico.

For a different benignant of thrill, indulge successful nan excitement of gambling astatine immoderate of Mexico’s 364 casinos.

3. Spain (8.41/10)

Spain intimately trails down Mexico pinch a people of 8.41 retired of 10. Despite having less than a 4th of nan number of casinos that Mexico has, Spain boasts a secret weapon erstwhile it comes to experiences for adrenaline junkies—its outdoor attractions.

With complete 10,000 stone climbing trails and much than 6.4 cardinal upland motorcycle tracks, Spain leads nan battalion successful these cardinal factors. Climbers flock to challenging sites for illustration nan limestone cliffs of Montserrat successful Catalonia, while Zona Zero successful Ainsa shines arsenic a apical upland biking destination, offering an extended web of trails against nan stunning backdrop of nan Pyrenees.

4. Argentina (8.34/10)

Argentina is nan first South American state successful nan apical 10, clinching 4th spot pinch a people of 8.34 retired of 10. With 172 casinos, 308 stone climbing trails, and complete 300,000 hiking trails, Argentina’s allure arsenic an escapade destination is undeniable.

A standout characteristic is Aconcagua, towering astir 7,000 metres, nan highest highest successful nan Americas and extracurricular Asia. Despite its majestic stature, Aconcagua bears a grim reputation, earning nan nickname “Mountain of Death” owed to its precocious mortality rate, claiming an mean of 3 lives per year.

5. United States (8.16/10)

According to our study, nan United States ranks arsenic nan fifth-best state for adrenaline junkies. With a staggering 2,937 casinos, nan US surpasses Italy by 197% for this factor, a truth hardly astonishing fixed nan prominence of casino hotspots specified arsenic Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Additionally, nan US boasts complete 900 rollercoasters and is location to Denali successful Alaska, nan highest acme successful nan United States and North America by 702m—the adjacent tallest being Mount Saint Elias connected nan Yukon and Alaska border.

6. Italy (8.04/10)

Italy is nan past successful nan apical 10 to people complete 8 (8.04/10) connected our Adrenaline Index. The state boasts over 1.6 cardinal hiking trails, surpassing nan United States successful 5th pinch 753,700 much upland motorcycle trails and 1,209 much stone climbing trails by comparison.

Via Ferrata, combining scrambling and stone climbing, is among nan astir celebrated experiences for adrenaline junkies successful Italy. The Dolomites, particularly astir Cortina d’Ampezzo, connection galore Via Ferrata routes suitable for various accomplishment levels.

7. Brazil (7.84/10)

Another South American powerhouse for adrenaline enthusiasts is Brazil, ranking seventh successful our apical 10 pinch a people of 7.84 retired of 10. Brazil’s abundance of outdoor activities makes it an unmissable escapade destination. It boasts complete 1.2 cardinal hiking trails and an awesome number of off-road trails (195,000). This surpasses Spain by 80,000, which ranks 2nd for nan highest number of off-road trails.

Two of Brazil’s top adrenaline-fueled activities see bent gliding and paragliding successful Rio de Janeiro and surfing successful Florianopolis, some situated successful confederate Brazil.

8. Colombia (7.79/10)

Colombia secures eighth position successful our ranking of nan champion countries for thrill-seekers, scoring 7.79 retired of 10. Colombia boasts complete 230,000 upland motorcycle trails and complete 210,000 hiking trails. The Gateway to South America is besides location to an awesome peak, Pico Cristóbal Colón, opinionated astatine 5,700 metres and adorned pinch a imperishable snowcap.

Similar to nan United States, Colombia is simply a celebrated escapade destination for whitewater rafting, particularly successful San Gil, known arsenic nan escapade superior of Colombia. The Suarez and Chicamocha Rivers supply thrilling rapids suitable for beginners and experienced rafters, making it a apical destination for adrenaline enthusiasts worldwide.

9. Turkey (7.49/10)

Turkey is ninth connected our Adrenaline Index, pinch a people of 7.49 retired of 10. Turkey is simply a awesome all-around destination, offering a patient magnitude of indoor and outdoor activities. The state boasts 122 stone climbing trails, which is 26 much than nan United States and Germany combined. With 282,000 hiking trails, Turkey besides has adjacent to twice arsenic galore hiking trails arsenic adjacent vacation destination Greece.

One of nan astir exhilarating activities connected connection successful Turkey is simply a skydive complete nan ancient metropolis of Ephesus. In this unsocial skydive, you driblet into nan metropolis that was erstwhile nan tract of nan Temple of Artemis, 1 of nan seven wonders of nan ancient world.

10. Germany (7.17/10)

Germany secures nan last spot successful our apical 10, scoring 7.17 acknowledgment to its 400+ casinos and 283 roller coasters. However, it falls short successful outdoor pursuits compared to different contenders. For instance, Germany has almost 236 times fewer stone climbing trails than Spain, pinch Germany location to conscionable 45 compared to Spain’s 10,600.

Adrenaline enthusiasts seeking thrills should caput to nan Nürburgring, a renowned racing circuit successful Nürburg, Germany. The Nordschleife, aliases “North Loop” track, provides a unique chance to trial driving skills and savour nan adrenaline unreserved of navigating its twists, turns, and elevation changes!

UK adrenaline junkies people 6.69/10

Thrisllseekers successful UK

The United Kingdom narrowly missed nan apical 10 and ranked 13th retired of nan 61 countries analysed successful our study. Scoring 6.69 retired of 10, nan UK stands retired for its important number of casinos (751), 211 roller coasters, and 118,000 hiking trails successful our Adrenaline Index.

However, if you’re seeking precocious peaks, nan UK mightiness not beryllium your apical choice. Its highest peak, Ben Nevis successful Scotland, stands astatine 1,345 metres—some 5,000 metres smaller than Argentina’s highest peak, Aconcagua.

Coasteering is simply a celebrated activity for adrenaline junkies successful nan UK. It entails navigating a rocky coastline done climbing, swimming, and cliff jumping, and thrill seekers tin research oversea caves, leap into nan water from elevated points, and tackle challenging coastal terrain. With its rugged coastline, nan UK offers perfect coasteering conditions, pinch spots for illustration Pembrokeshire successful Wales and nan Jurassic Coast successful England being favourites.

5 countries not recommended for adrenaline junkies

On nan other extremity of nan spectrum, we person identified immoderate countries that whitethorn not beryllium perfect destinations for adrenaline junkies, importantly lagging successful each our Adrenaline Index categories. Let’s return a person look.

not recommended countries for thrill seekers

1. Egypt (1.97/10)

With a people of 1.97 retired of 10, Egypt secures the apical spot among nan countries we wouldn’t urge for thrill-seeking explorers. Despite having a fistful of casinos and roller coasters (28 and 23, respectively), Egypt lacks stone climbing trails (0) and offers astir three-and-a-half times less hiking trails compared to Thailand (5,890 vs 1,610, respectively).

2. Kenya (2.27/10)

Kenya shares 2nd spot pinch Tanzania, some scoring 2.27 retired of 10. While Kenya has 21 less rollercoasters and 450 less hiking trails than Egypt, it boasts a greater number of off-road trails (509), marking a 102% quality compared pinch Egypt for this criteria.

Additionally, Kenya stands retired for its highest peak, Mount Kenya, reaching 5,199 metres, making it nan second-highest highest successful Africa aft Kilimanjaro.

2. Tanzania (2.27/10)

In our apical 5 countries not recommended for thrill-seekers, Tanzania is next. It boasts 1,720 much hiking trails and 14 much off-road trails compared to Kenya, pinch has 2,880 and 523, respectively. Additionally, Tanzania’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, surpasses Kenya’s highest highest by complete 600 metres.

However, Tanzania only has 8 casinos, 4 roller coasters, and 1 stone climbing trail. As a result, thrill-seekers mightiness find it challenging to satisfy their adventurous tone successful this spot.

3. Luxembourg (2.38/10)

Luxembourg follows Kenya and Tanzania pinch a people of 2.38 retired of 10. Despite its debased scores successful various factors (such arsenic having only 1 casino, nary roller coasters, and conscionable 1 stone climbing trail), Luxembourg compensates pinch a important number of upland motorcycle trails. It boasts complete 7,700 upland motorcycle tracks, exceeding nan number disposable successful Thailand, Egypt, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Luxembourg besides stands retired for its extended web of hiking trails. With 51,900 trails, it holds nan highest number for this criteria among each nan countries successful nan bottommost 5 locations successful our Adrenaline Index. To put that into perspective, Thailand has astir nine times fewer hiking trails (5,890), while Kenya has astir 45 times less (1,160).

4. Thailand (2.38/10)

With a people of only 2.38 retired of 10, Thailand ranks arsenic nan associated 4th state we wouldn’t urge for adrenaline junkies. This is chiefly owed to Thailand’s very debased scores successful each of nan categories analysed successful our study, for illustration nan number of stone climbing trails (2).

Thailand besides offers conscionable 1,160 upland motorcycle trails and 82 off-road trails. That’s astir 164 less upland motorcycle trails and 223 less off-road trails compared to what can beryllium recovered successful France, nan starring state for adrenaline junkies.


  • 1. The experts astatine compiled a world scale ranking nan champion countries for thrill-seekers by considering 7 factors, including:
  • a. Number of casinos
  • b. Number of roller coasters
  • c. Number of stone climbing trails
  • d. Number of upland motorcycle trails
  • e. Number of hiking trails
  • f.Number of off-road trails
  • g. Highest highest tallness successful each country.
  • *Note: Countries pinch much than 2 missing values were omitted, resulting successful 61 countries successful nan last dataset.
  • 2. The experts collected nan information from nan beneath sources:
  • 3. After collecting nan numbers, nan experts logarithmically normalised them to trim skewness betwixt countries of different sizes.
  • 4. Each country’s last adrenaline people retired of 10 was calculated to uncover nan apical 15 adrenaline hotspots worldwide.
  • 5. All information was collected connected 5th February 2024 and is correct arsenic of then.

*Before engaging successful gambling activities, it’s important to thoroughly reappraisal nan rules and regulations governing gambling successful various countries.

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