Study Finds Music Festivals Make You Happy

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It mightiness spell without saying that attending a euphony show tin consciousness good. But did you cognize that it tin genuinely supply affirmative feelings? As it turns out, immoderate genres of euphony – wrong nan 90-150 thumps per infinitesimal scope – make affirmative emotions while astatine nan aforesaid clip decreasing nan antagonistic ones.

Have you ever listened to a song, and it conscionable put you successful a bully mood? As it turns out, location whitethorn beryllium a technological logic for that. A study done by our experts astatine reveals that location are really immoderate euphony festivals that supply feelings of happiness to attendees.

Music has an effect connected dopamine levels successful nan body, which intends that immoderate genres tin person a nonstop effect connected happiness and joy. That equates to immoderate very happy euphony festivals taking spot crossed nan country.

Which Music Genres are nan “Happiest”?

According to our study astatine, “Research has shown that different euphony genres tin summation dopamine (happy hormone) levels erstwhile we perceive to them. Specifically, euphony pinch a tempo of 90 to 150 thumps per infinitesimal (BPM) has been recovered to make much affirmative emotions, specified arsenic happiness and joy, while besides decreasing antagonistic emotions.”

As it turns out, location are really a fewer different genres that meet those criteria. At nan higher extremity of nan spectrum are Techno (120-160 BPM) and Rock (110-140 BPM). Somewhere successful nan mediate is House Music (118-135 BPM) and Pop (100-130 BPM). Toward nan little extremity of nan spectrum is Hip-Hop (85-115 BPM).

The “Happiest” Music Festivals

Now that we are gearing up for show time, it helps to cognize which of them see nan genres that are portion of that study. Popularity is important arsenic well; immoderate festivals are a spot excessively mini to make a existent impact.

At nan apical of nan database is Burning Man. Not acold down are Lollapalooza, Coachella, and nan Electric Daisy Carnival. Other celebrated festivals that onshore connected nan database of nan happiest see Bonnaroo, Levitation, SXSW, Movement, and Electric Forest.

Here is simply a database of nan apical five.

  1. Burning Man
  2. Lollapalooza
  3. Coachella
  4. Electric Daisy Carnival
  5. Movement


Music plays an important domiciled successful our lives. For some, it is nan soundtrack to life itself. As it turns out, listening to euphony wrong a definite BPM scope tin really make you consciousness happy. While that isn’t a guarantee, listening to those genres of euphony complete a agelong play of clip tin beryllium beneficial.