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Published: 18 January 2024

The youngest snooker champion, Stephen Hendry, has proven that nary matter what your property is, you tin achieve intolerable feats. Read on to study astir this snooker champion’s glory days, and consciousness free to usage nan navigation barroom beneath to jump to a applicable conception successful nan blog post.

Stephen Hendry – Early Life & Biography Details

Stephen Hendry was calved successful January 1969 successful South Queensferry, Scotland. He met his wife, Amanda, astatine nan Pontins vacation campy astatine property 16. They joined successful 1995, have 2 sons, and settled successful Auchterarder. However, moreover though they were joined for a agelong time, they yet collapsed up.

Hendry is known arsenic nan youngest, astir prevalent snooker subordinate of each time. He started playing nan athletics astatine property 12 erstwhile he sewage a snooker array fixed to him by his begetter arsenic a reward. In 1987, Hendry won his first tourney – nan Grand Prix.

During nan 1989-90 season, astatine property 21, Hendry hit Jimmy White 18-12 and became the world’s youngest snooker champion. Several much consecutive titles followed, showing that Stephen had nary lucifer astatine nan time.

Even though Stephen Hendry announced his retirement from master snooker astatine nan property of 43, successful 2021, he said that he will beryllium returning to nan master tour. Normally, nan best snooker betting sites instantly started to connection various markets pinch competitory likelihood connected to nan champion and each snooker fans were very gladsome to spot him compete again.

Amateur Years – Climbing to nan Top

1983 marked nan commencement of Stephen Hendry’s young snooker career. He became nan winner of nan Scottish Under-16 Championship and appeared connected TV. At property 15, Hendry was nan victor of nan Scottish Amateur Championship, and he started to summation a batch of media attention.

Stephen Hendry’s snooker profession was opening to form, arsenic he was capable to clasp nan title for nan Scottish Amateur Championship. Three months later, Ian Doyle became Hendry’s head and coach, and erstwhile Stephen turned 16, he became nan world’s youngest snooker professional.

Stephen Hendry’s Snooker Career Progression

The highest of nan champion’s snooker profession was mostly during nan 90s, but Stephen Hendry’s youngest master years started successful 1985. At this point, Hendry had shown existent professionalism and was connected his roadworthy to becoming known arsenic nan youngest snooker world champion.

In 1986, Stephen qualified for nan World Snooker Championship but mislaid connected his debut to Willie Thorne. At property 17, Hendry was nan youngest snooker subordinate to compete astatine nan last stages of a world championship, and he was capable to clasp this grounds for 26 years.

The 90s was erstwhile Stephen Hendry’s snooker profession genuinely took off. He won nan first UK Championship, defeating Davis 16-12 successful nan final. Afterwards, he was capable to triumph his 2nd Masters, arsenic he defeated Parrot 9-4. Hendry won his first World Championship against Jimmy White successful 1990, making him known arsenic nan youngest snooker champion.

Hendry was capable to surpass Alex Higgins arsenic nan youngest champion. After that, he won titles astatine nan Dubai Classic and nan Asian Open and became nan world number 1 astatine nan extremity of nan season.

Large Building With A Sign That Reads "Crucible"

In nan 1990-91 season, Hendry was nan first subordinate to win 5 ranking titles successful a azygous season. At this time, successful his 2nd UK Championship, Stephen defeated Davis 16-15 successful nan final. This was followed by a 3rd Masters win, wherever Stephen defeated Hallett 9-8 successful nan last aft trailing 0-7.

Hendry was successful nan spotlight again for nan 1992-93 season, wherever he won his 5th consecutive Masters, beating James Wattana 9-5 successful nan final. Afterwards, Hendry won his 3rd world title at nan 1993 World Championship, defeating White 18-5 successful nan final.

Hendry won each 3 Triple Crown events successful nan 1995-96 season, arguably nan biggest snooker tournaments. He was capable to conclusion Peter Ebdon 10-3, O’Sullivan 10-5, and Ebdon 18-12 successful nan 1996 World Championship to triumph his sixth world title.

In 2000, Stephen Hendry’s snooker profession progressed arsenic he won nan British Open, marking his 147th break. 2012 was nan twelvemonth erstwhile Stephen yet retired arsenic nan astir successful pro subordinate successful history, however, successful 2021, he announced that he would beryllium making a comeback.

Wins, Performance and World Titles

In total, Stephen Hendry has 36 titles, 57 ranking finals, 5 UK Championship wins, and played successful 9 World Championships, winning 7. He has 24 wins for ranking finals, 64 non-ranking finals pinch 39 wins, and 3 amateur titles.

Since Stephen Hendry was young erstwhile he started playing, he has accumulated a staggering number of participations during his snooker profession progression. Below, you will find a database pinch some of nan ranking finals that Stephen Hendry achieved:

Ranking finals (36 titles):

  • 1987 – Winner – Grand Prix vs. Dennis Taylor – 10-7
  • 1990 – Winner – Asian Open vs. Dennis Taylor – 9-3
  • 1995 – Winner – World Snooker Championship vs. Nigel Bond – 18-9
  • 1999 – Winner – Scottish Open vs. Graeme Dott – 9-1
  • 2002 – Runner-up – World Snooker Championship vs. Peter Ebdon -17-18
  • 2005 – Runner-up – China Open vs. Ding Junhui – 5-9

The database beneath will springiness you accusation regarding immoderate of Stephen Hendry’s non-ranking finals:

Non-ranking finals (39 titles):

  • 1989 – Winner – Scottish Masters vs. Terry Griffiths – 10-1
  • 1993 – Winner – European Challenge vs. Tony Drago – 5-3
  • 1999 – Winner – Champions Cup vs. Mark Williams – 7-5
  • 2001 – Runner-up – Irish Masters vs. Ronnie O’Sullivan – 8-9

As you tin see, Stephen Hendry truly dominated nan game passim his progressive master years. He showed that nary matter erstwhile you start, you tin climb to nan apical if you put difficult work, talent, and accomplishment into play.

Stephen Hendry’s Wife – Divorce and Breakup

Broken Heart On A String With A Black Background

Stephen Hendry’s wife, Amanda, had different point to opportunity regarding her narration pinch her husband. The snooker champion made large promises to her and their 2 sons, telling her to enactment astatine easiness owed to his immaculate financial success.

He promised Amanda that their life would beryllium settled, arsenic he had much than capable costs astatine his disposal to support their family unchangeable and growing. However, this was not nan case. Stephen Hendry’s nett worthy whitethorn person been huge, but he hid that from his wife.

Amanda lived a difficult life. She needed to return attraction of their 2 children, support up pinch each housework, and look aft her horses. For 19 years, Amanda thought she had nan cleanable life pinch Stephen. When she filed for divorce, nan truth unfolded.

In an exclusive interview, Amanda informed nan media astir each of this and highlighted that she was near devastated. Now, she is surviving connected her own, taking attraction of nan children. After all, she still said she loved him.

Net Worth and Awards

It is clip to talk astir Stephen Hendry’s nett worth, an important portion of each sports champion. In total, Stephen Hendry’s profession net reach astir £16.5 million. It mightiness look for illustration a lot, but this is expected of a subordinate pinch this overmuch success.

We dream to spot him make a comeback, arsenic he announced successful 2021. No matter what happens, he will always stay successful nan hallway of fame. Here are Stephen Hendry’s astir notable awards:

Stephen Hendry’s Awards
Member of nan Order of nan British Empire 1993
BBC Scotland Sports Personality of nan Year 1987, 1996
WPBSA Player of nan Year 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996
WPBSA Young Player of nan Year 1988
WPBSA Performance of nan Year 1995

As of nan clip of penning this post, Stephen is still considered active but has not achieved nan occurrence he had successful his younger years. After all, nan world of master snooker is simply a move one, and caller names perpetually popular up, trying to situation nan favourites. The best betting sites ever make nan astir of specified cases, giving favourable likelihood for nan underdogs.

Stephen Hendry – A Snooker Icon

It is clip to reason our station and coming you pinch our last remarks. Even though Stephen Hendry was young erstwhile he first started, he showed genuinely unmatched talent. With over 36 ranking titles crossed nan 80s up until nan 2000s, Hendry was a champion nan world will ne'er forget.

As we mentioned, Hendry announced a comeback successful 2021, and he moreover started a YouTube transmission called “Stephen Hendry’s Cue Tips”, wherever he does play videos pinch tips to thief different snooker players.

Hendry’s biggest rivals were Steve Davis, Jimmy White, John Parott, and more, arsenic we already discussed successful nan post. Stephen played 67 matches pinch Davis, winning 45 of them. The champion is besides known by his nicknames – “The King of nan Crucible” aliases “The Golden Bairn”. With 777 period breaks and galore titles, Stephen Hendry is surely 1 of nan top snooker players of each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

In nan conception below, you’ll find quick answers to nan segments discussed successful nan article. The astir communal inquiries are beneath – you tin click connected nan links that will return you to nan applicable conception of nan blog post.

1️⃣ Who is Stephen Hendry?

Talented and skilled, nan snooker champion Stephen Hendry's early life was riddled pinch success. He was calved successful 1969 successful South Queensferry. He started playing professionally astatine conscionable 16 years of property and quickly became the youngest, astir successful snooker player.

2️⃣ How did Stephen Hendry's snooker profession progress?

The progression of Stephen Hendry's snooker career mostly took spot during nan 90s, but he started gaining nickname measurement earlier. He started pinch a triumph successful nan Scottish Professional Championship and had galore wins afterwards. He holds respective records that are still yet to beryllium beaten.

3️⃣ What are Stephen Hendry's astir notable wins?

Across his progressive years, Stephen Hendry's accomplishments and titles only grew higher successful numbers. In 1995, he won nan World Snooker Championship against Nigel Bond, and successful 1999, he became nan victor of nan Championship Cup against Mark Williams. These are conscionable immoderate of this unthinkable player's successes.

4️⃣ What happened pinch Stephen Hendry's wife?

The shocking story of Stephen Hendry's wife and their matrimony is unfortunate, but it ended up successful an inevitable divorce. Stephen had held secrets from Amanda, and each surgery promises ended erstwhile she revenge for divorce. Amanda now takes attraction of nan 2 children she had pinch Stephen.

5️⃣ What is Stephen Hendry's nett worth?

Throughout his career, Stephen Hendry's nett worth totalled up to astir £16.5 million. It's a staggering amount, for sure, but it is good deserved. The snooker champion put successful years of difficult work, showed unthinkable accomplishment and talent and proved that he's genuinely nan best.

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