Pulsz Gold Coin Jackpots 

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At Pulsz Casino, you tin triumph successful 2 ways. The play Gold Mine Jackpot sees players lend their stock of Gold Coins for nan chance to triumph nan large jackpot each week. The My Stash promotion will salary retired a multiplier of your stash each week, truthful enactment tuned to spot what you win!

Pulsz Casino is providing an absorbing opportunity for each players. Contribute Gold Coins and gain much opportunities to triumph nan Gold Mine Jackpot. The much you contribute, nan much you triumph and nan fortunate jackpot victor is announced each Monday.

Gold Mine Jackpot

The Gold Mine Jackpot happens each and each week. Players tin “opt in” each week successful bid to participate. Join each week and take really galore Gold Coins you wish to contribute. The much that you add, nan much spins you will get for nan week.

Each week’s Jackpot victor is announced and their prize is credited that Monday. It couldn’t beryllium easier to put yourself successful position for a immense win. There is besides nan “My Stash” promotion wherever you tuck distant a information of your Gold Coins and spot what multiplier size you triumph each week.

How to Claim

Claiming this connection is very simple. For nan Gold Mine Jackpot, motion up each week and lend arsenic galore Gold Coins arsenic you wish. Every week, a jackpot victor is credited and nan arena starts each over.

There is besides nan My Stash jackpot Stash distant portion of your Gold Coins pinch each of your spins. Grow it each week, past declare nan jackpot connected Monday wherever you could deed up to 1,000x your balance. It could not beryllium easier to triumph acknowledgment to Pulsz Casino. Contribute and rotation and you will person your changeable astatine these astonishing jackpot opportunities!

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