Pragmatic Play, Galaxy Gaming Expand Licensing Agreement

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Galaxy Gaming, Inc. announced precocious that it has signed an agreement, an hold connected an existing word of licensing, pinch Pragmatic Play. The statement extends respective games crossed nan Pragmatic Play titles, providing a greater description expertise for Galaxy and its catalogue of games.

In nan online casino realm, location are a fewer providers that person cornered nan marketplace and now connection apical online casino games to users from astir nan globe. In an effort to grow its gaming contented into nan RNG and Live Casino realm, Galaxy Gaming, Inc. has signed an important agreement.

It is extending an existing word for licensing of its Galaxy array crippled contented apical contented supplier Pragmatic Play. The move is important arsenic Galaxy Gaming continues to turn its portfolio.

Building connected Success

The woody comes successful nan aftermath of nan occurrence garnered by nan Perfect Pairs and 21+3 games, some of which person already been configured connected Pragmatic Play’s Blackjack titles. The statement will adhd nan Perfect Pairs to nan baccarat titles offered by Pragmatic Play and will thief to grow Galaxy Gaming’s games catalogue.

“We’re thrilled to beryllium extending and expanding our business pinch Pragmatic Play,” commented Matt Reback, President and CEO of Galaxy Gaming. “They present a first-class Live and RNG casino situation acquisition enhanced by our world-famous broadside bets. Our continued business aligns pinch our semipermanent strategy to present nan champion array crippled contented to operators and players everywhere.”

Chief Operating Officer astatine Pragmatic Play Irina Cornides added, “Pragmatic Play has enjoyed a successful business pinch Galaxy Gaming, and we’re delighted to deepen our practice arsenic portion of our continued merchandise description .”

More About Galaxy Gaming

Galaxy Gaming is 1 of nan apical gaming companies around. They not only create games, but they besides make bonuses systems, games, and exertion solutions that are utilized everywhere.

Galaxy Gaming is among nan starring licensors of proprietary array games and different gambling exertion for nan online gaming industry.

More About Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play goes unrecorded pinch Boldt's Bplay marque successful Argentina and Paraguay  - Gaming Intelligence

Based successful Gibraltar, Pragmatic Play has go a starring supplier for apical brands passim nan iGaming industry. Using a azygous API, Pragmatic Play has respective award-winning slots, virtual sports, bingo, and moreover unrecorded casino options.

Pragmatic Play has offerings successful conscionable astir each awesome regulated market, offering its products successful respective languages and currencies for optimal reach. With each agreement, its opinionated successful nan iGaming world only continues to expand.


Though nan woody itself isn’t precisely a caller one, it is simply a captious move for Galaxy Gaming, Inc. Being capable to turn and grow its catalogue, while besides garnering nan bully attraction that Pragmatic Play brings pinch it, is an exceptional opportunity that Galaxy was smart not to walk on.