Pennsylvania Hits iGaming Revenue Record for February

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iGaming has been a basking taxable successful caller months. As different states research getting into nan iGaming market, Pennsylvania is showing its ain success. The authorities achieved a grounds period successful revenue, racking up $184.9 cardinal for February alone.

Online gambling continues to beryllium a hot-button speech astir nan country. More and much states are opening to entertain nan thought of online casino play. So, erstwhile they spot what has happened successful nan past period pinch Pennsylvania, it only increases nan dream for much states to subordinate nan fray.

Pennsylvania saw a grounds successful full gross from iGaming of $184.9 million. Total gambling gross was up astir 10% from past year, totaling $499.1 million. Online slots continued to lead nan way, generating much than $202 cardinal alone.

A Drop successful Sports Betting

Despite nan occurrence of iGaming successful Pennsylvania, nan sports betting marketplace looked overmuch different. Total gross for online sports betting took a deed of 30% compared to nan erstwhile year, raking successful $30.3 cardinal for nan period of February.

As a whole, Pennsylvania garnered $28.2 cardinal successful gross from online betting while unit wagers totaled $2.1 million. The much unthinkable portion is that nan grip really accrued much than 10%, going from $599.5 cardinal to $661.7 million.

Video lottery terminals besides declined, dropping by 2.4%. Fantasy sports gross took a deed arsenic well, which is mostly expected arsenic shot bettors return a break for nan offseason. Revenue successful nan authorities for imagination sports dropped 5.2% for $1.3 cardinal successful full revenue.

Pennsylvania Led by Table Games and Online Slots

Pennsylvania Igaming Beats Monthly Revenue High In November

At nan bosom of nan maturation successful Pennsylvania are array games and slots. iGaming full gross was a whopping 40.5% higher, pinch February 2023 raking successful $131.6 million. Online slots unsocial jumped much than 35% ($125.9 million) pinch array games expanding by a monolithic 56.7% ($56.6 million).

The only caveat was online poker. It really fell 8.3%, bringing successful $2.4 cardinal successful revenue. Table games did truthful good successful February that moreover land-based casinos did well. They saw an summation of 2.9% successful array gable revenues, topping retired astatine $76.6 million.

Slots generated a monolithic $202.7 cardinal successful a year-on-year comparison. Even much awesome fixed nan truth that nan full number of slots dropped from astir 25,700 to conscionable nether 25,000. Retail locations for illustration Hollywood Casino astatine Penn National Race Course and Valley Forge Casino Resort besides had awesome increases successful revenue.


The iGaming assemblage is arsenic beardown arsenic ever successful Pennsylvania. Players are partaking successful slots and array games for illustration ne'er before. Retail sectors are enjoying that maturation arsenic well, astatine slightest erstwhile it comes to array games.

Pundits will beryllium watching pinch awesome liking to spot really nan remainder of nan twelvemonth shakes out. Declines person been expected and seen successful definite areas. Whether slots and different online games tin proceed to turn remains to beryllium seen.