Ontario Seeking to Allow International iGaming Players

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Ontario officially launched regulated sports betting and iGaming successful 2022, including online poker. The state is now looking to let its operators to person entree to nan world market. If passed, nan latest move would let world players to registry astatine online poker sites successful nan province.

The Ontario iGaming market, which includes online casino and poker sites, is making a push to grow extracurricular of nan province’s borders. There is simply a Court of Appeal proceeding scheduled for November to find whether is ineligible to let world players to motion up astatine Ontario online poker sites.

The move, if approved, would let online poker sites (where you tin win existent money) including GGPoker and PokerStars to stock its liquidity pinch world markets. What’s absorbing is that this move could besides play a facet successful Quebec and Alberta overhauling their existent iGaming setups.

The Key Takeaways

Ontario collapsed crushed erstwhile it became nan first (and only) state successful Canada pinch a regulated online casino gaming and sports betting marketplace. Now, it is looking to grow its scope but not wrong Canada.

A proceeding successful November will find whether online poker sites successful Ontario will beryllium allowed to judge registered users from astir nan world. The move would entreaty to licensed online poker sites successful Ontario, but location is 1 absorbing note.

Sites would request to beryllium legally recognized successful immoderate state successful which it accepts players. For world sites for illustration PokerStars, that will beryllium little of an issue. For others, its world scope will beryllium severely limited.

The extremity is to turn nan subordinate excavation and thrust revenues (and taxes) for some operators and nan province. Perhaps nan astir absorbing portion of this is nan imaginable early effect it could have. It has been speculated that Quebec and Alberta could wholly overhaul their iGaming setups, particularly if this measurement passes.

Hearing Scheduled for November

Ontario's online gaming marketplace launches, but immoderate insiders and experts person  concerns | CBC News

Ontario AG Doug Downey initially revenge an Order successful Council connected February 2. His extremity is to person nan courts to determine whether it will beryllium ineligible for Ontario iGaming to let bettors extracurricular of Canada to subordinate poker sites.

A proceeding connected nan matter has been scheduled, but it is not until November 26, ending November 28. Interested parties will person until April 8 to taxable each ineligible materials arsenic it relates to nan case. Sites would beryllium capable to lawfully excavation their Ontario subordinate excavation together pinch players from each astir nan world, though only successful places wherever nan site’s world licence is capable to run successful a ineligible way.


There is still rather immoderate clip until nan proceeding to find nan legality of this move. It could perchance unfastened up moreover larger doors for gross into nan province, while besides creating larger prize pools for nan players themselves. It could besides group a ineligible precedent connected nan matter for different provinces and territories successful Canada.

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