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Arrow successful nan Dartboard Bullseye

Published: 11 January 2024

Before we show you everything you request to cognize astir nan crippled and really to triumph it, we want you to read immoderate you want first. On nan navigation below, you will find immoderate of nan topics of this article, but if you are a novice, we propose you commencement from scratch.

501 Rules & Points Explained

There are galore games of darts, but nan astir celebrated ones are 301, 501 and 701. In their essence, they are each nan same. Professionally, they are played only by 2 players astatine a time, and nan victor is nan 1 who reaches zero first.

But if you play arsenic an amateur aliases connected video dart machines, you whitethorn brushwood options for much players. Such devices are strictly for nosy because integrative darts often bounce back, while nan instrumentality could beryllium faulty.

Illustrations of Tournament Information

Of course, location are immoderate more blase rules regarding master 501. As standard, each subordinate has 3 darts per round, and nan worth of nan sectors deed is deducted from 501.

It gets tricky successful nan last information because you request to exit pinch a double sector to triumph nan game. This is why you will spot that each of nan 9 dart decorativeness combinations extremity pinch a double sector.

9 Dart Finish – What Does It Means?

For those who wonderment what nan 9 dart decorativeness is, we will quickly explain. As we told you earlier, location are different ways to scope 0 successful a 501 game. The quickest imaginable strategy includes only 9 darts.

Nine is nan minimum number of dart arrows pinch which you tin execute a win. Therefore, it is called “nine-dart-finish”. To gain such a triumph is tough, and you would request a batch of practice.

Illustration of a Flying Dart

It is absorbing to cognize that there are different dart arrows, immoderate are heavier than others, and players tin prime immoderate they consciousness astir comfortable with. This helps them beryllium much meticulous erstwhile they play for nan 9 dart finish.

Most Common 9 Dart Finish Combinations

If you commencement practising and are consenting to activity it out, you must study to purpose and deed nan sectors you want. Only past will you beryllium capable to spell for immoderate of nan most communal 9 dart decorativeness combinations.

Some mightiness deliberation nan highest constituent conclusion comes from nan bullseye, but it does not. The highest constituent connected nan dartboard is nan triple 20 (60). If you are skillful capable to deed it pinch each 3 darts, you tin score 180 points per round.

Knowing that you astir apt already guessed that astir 9 dart finishes are tied to nan matches pinch nan astir 180 points. For nan past round, location are a few strategies that you tin use:

  • Triple 20 (60), Triple 19 (57), Double 12 (24)
  • Triple 20 (60), Triple 15 (45), Double 18 (36)
  • Triple 17 (51), Triple 18 (54), Double 18 (36)

There are nan astir celebrated 9 dart finishes, but one further is not that commonly used. If you disagreement 501 by three, this is 167 points per round.

To execute that, you tin effort to people each three rounds (9 arrows) successful nan pursuing combo: triple 20 (60), triple 19 (57), and bullseye (50), and you will triumph nan game. The bullseye is considered a double centre.

Maybe you don’t know, but nan centre of nan dartboard has 2 sectors, nan centre is 50 points, and nan outer rim is 25 points. This is why nan bullseye is considered a double sector.

Four Dart Arrows of Different Colours

It is important to fto you cognize that astir of nan UK’s top-rated darts betting sites connection nan action to bet connected this type of win. The chances are slim, but nan payouts are good.

Later successful this article, we will explicate much astir nan 9 dart decorativeness likelihood and really often specified wins tin beryllium observed. You should first study nan 9 dart decorativeness database of apical players.

9 Dart Finish Kings – Players Known for Their Precision

If you watch master darts tournaments, you whitethorn cognize immoderate of nan names beneath because astir are proven and world-known pro players pinch galore trophies.

In nan pursuing listing, we will show you their names and nan number of 9 dart finishes they have successful master matches. We will reappraisal nan astir successful champions separately soon aft this section.

  • Michael van Gerwen – 24
  • Phil Taylor – 22
  • Adrian Lewis – 12

Of course, players for illustration Dave Chisnall, James Wade and Raymond van Barneveld are besides among nan champion nine-darters, but pinch fewer wins than nan trio above. It is basal to mention that not each these 9 dart decorativeness matches were broadcast connected TV.

Two Dartboards of Different Types

Let’s overview nan master careers and achievements of nan top 3 9 dart decorativeness players mentioned above. You tin analyse their styles and effort to believe their strategies to amended yourself.

Michael van Gerwen – The Best Nine-Darter

📛 Name: Michael van Gerwen
🗯️ Nickname: Mighty Mike
🌎 Nationality: Dutch
👴🏽 Date of Birth: 25.04.1989
🏆 World Championships: 3
⭐ Other Major Wins: 44

Michael van Gerwen is simply a Dutch subordinate who is still successful his prime. At nan property of only 34 years, he is already one of nan champion darts players successful nan world. His nickname is “Mighty Mike” for a reason.

He doesn’t person that galore World Championship titles for illustration nan pursuing Phil Taylor, but he is nan best shooter successful nan game astatine nan moment. He is considered nan champion 9 darter, pinch 24 9 dart finishes.

We judge that erstwhile he reaches nan property of Phil Taylor, his people will surpass nan 1 of Phil. Besides nan three World Championship trophies, Mighty Mike has 44 different master titles.

He is simply a three-time victor of nan World Matchplay, nan UK Open, and nan Grand Slam. He has different six wins successful nan World Grand Prix, 7 successful nan Premier League and nan PC Finals.

These are a fewer of nan astir important titles of his profession truthful far. He is nan most precise shooter successful nan sport, therefore, he has galore 9 dart decorativeness wins.

Pro Dart Player Making His Move

Let’s opportunity a fewer words astir his inheritance and story. Micheal was born successful Boxtel, Netherlands, connected nan 25th of April, 1989. Currently, he lives successful Vlijmen, Netherlands.

He started playing darts astatine nan property of 13. At 14, he reached nan finals of nan Primus Masters Youth darts tournament, and that was only nan opening for him.

In nan following years, he participated in nan German Open, Northern Ireland Open, German Gold Cup, Dutch National Youth Championship, Norway Open, and nan Swedish Open.

Darts Hall pinch Two Boards Ready for Play

Mike was successful nan pro leagues moreover earlier he was 18. When he was only 25, he was already number 1 connected nan floor plan of nan Professional Darts Corporation, and he held that spot for 8 years successful a row.

Nowadays, he is successful 3rd spot successful nan floor plan but is considered one of nan champion players ever. There isn’t different subordinate successful that floor plan that holds much 9 dart decorativeness games than him.

This is why each of nan top-rated sports betting sites successful nan UK springiness him nan champion likelihood of scoring specified speedy wins. Consider that if you intend to stake connected him immoderate clip soon.

Phil Taylor – Owner of 14 World Cups

📛 Name: Philip Douglas Taylor
🗯️ Nickname: The Power
🌎 Nationality: English
👴🏽 Date of Birth: 13.08.1960
🏆 World Championships: 14
⭐ Other Major Wins: 65

Phil Douglas Taylor is an English nine-darter who is among nan champion darts players successful nan world. He is nan personification that holds nan astir World Championship trophies – 14. Also, he is 1 of nan champion 9 dart decorativeness players.

Apart from nan 14 PDC cups, he owns a stunning number of 65 different master tourney wins: 16 times nan World Matchplay, 11 times nan World Grand Prix, 5 times nan UK Open, and more.

The nickname of Phil is “The Power,” and it comes from his first PDC triumph (1995) erstwhile he started dominating nan darts podium and continued for complete 2 decades. Indeed, he is 1 of nan champion darts players of nan past 35+ years.

If you wonderment really it each started, we will stock immoderate much accusation connected his early ages and really he became one of nan champion 9 dart decorativeness players.

Phil was born connected nan 13th of August 1960 successful Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England. He near his acquisition astatine 16 and started moving successful nan business assemblage arsenic a metallic worker, shaper of ceramic items and others.

Even arsenic a kid, he was passionate astir shot and darts. However, chasing a master profession was ne'er considered an action earlier 1986 erstwhile he was selected to play successful nan Super League.

Dart Arrow Hitting nan Bullseye Horizontally

His first sponsor was Bristow, nan institution that helped him recreation worldwide and play successful competitions for illustration nan North American Open and Canadian Open truthful he could summation much assurance and experience.

His first outstanding capacity successful nan World Championship was successful 1990, but it was not bully capable to return nan first place. That didn’t extremity him from trying nan pursuing years.

In 1995, he yet won nan title for nan first time, but that was not all. He started dominating different contests for illustration nan World Matchplay, and that was conscionable nan beginning.

Metal Printed Sign of a Darts Club

From 1995, each year, he acquired astatine slightest 1 expansive tournament, which pushed him to nan apical rankings successful nan sport. Phil is nan subordinate pinch nan astir 9 dart decorativeness wins displayed connected televised matches.

Over nan years, he has had many rivalries for different titles pinch different awesome players for illustration Dennis Priestley, Raymond van Barneveld, John Part, Adrian Lewis, James Wade, and Michael van Gerwen.

Phil is 63 years aged but still active and is coming successful each important contests worldwide. His achievements spot him among nan champion players of darts of each time. He contributed to nan athletics much than immoderate different player.

Adrian Lewis – The Unlucky Jackpot

📛 Name: Andrian Lewis
🗯️ Nickname: The Jackpot
🌎 Nationality: English
👴🏽 Date of Birth: 21.01.1985
🏆 World Championships: 2
⭐ Other Major Wins: 2

Adrian Lewis is nan third personification successful nan apical 9 dart decorativeness list chart. He has less master titles than nan different 2 players we already mentioned, but he is still among nan best.

The truth is that location are galore pro players, but not each are that bully to score 9 dart decorativeness wins. Andrian Lewis has 12 specified wins, while nan different 2 successful this floor plan person 24 and 22.

Andrian is known for his nickname “The Jackpot” because while visiting Las Vegas astatine nan property of 20, he won a jackpot he could not cod because of nan US gambling property restriction.

Lewis was calved connected nan 21st of January 1985 successful Stoke-on-Trent, England. At nan property of 18, he won nan British Teenage Open. The aforesaid year, he made his debut connected nan professional segment by taking portion successful nan Winmau World Masters.

In nan pursuing years, he could not triumph immoderate awesome competitions. Still, aft he became a protégé of chap national Phill Tylor, he started gaining much knowledge and skills.

Whole Dartboard connected Fire

His first large triumph came successful 2011 erstwhile he secured first spot successful nan World Championship. The 3 successive important titles were nan World Championship 2012, nan European Championship 2013, and nan UK Open 2014.

We can’t opportunity if it’s accomplishment aliases luck, but Andrian is missing 1 aliases some because, betwixt 2010-2017, he won nan contests supra but lost nan finals of 12 different awesome tournaments.

Despite each these mislaid games, he is still among nan players pinch nan most 9 dart decorativeness wins successful nan sport, which deserves respect. Many tin play nan game, but fewer tin purpose for illustration him.

The Highest Possible Darts Combination

9 Dart Finish Odds & Betting

If you wonderment what nan 9 dart decorativeness likelihood are, we tin show you that roughly, location is simply a triumph pinch 9 darts connected each 419 matches. The PDC records bespeak that for 25 years, location person been astir 111,000 matches and 265 recorded 9 dart decorativeness games.

Only a fewer group tin deed nan 9 dart decorativeness combinations much often, and those are nan pro players we person already reviewed. If you watch nan athletics regularly, it is guaranteed that you will observe specified a triumph sooner aliases later.

If you are a sports fan, you mightiness comparison nan 9 dart decorativeness pinch nan 147 breaks, but nan truth is that each nan snooker betting sites springiness better likelihood for a 147 break than a 9 dart win. It simply happens much often.


Read nan most often asked questions connected nan 9 dart decorativeness database of pro players and nan combinations they use. To analyse immoderate taxable successful detail, usage nan jump successful nan answer. Do not hesitate to return advantage of our knowledge.

1️⃣ How overmuch for 9 dart finish?

The 9 dart decorativeness is simply a strategy you tin play only connected nan crippled 501. The 501 rules are simple: nan subordinate who reaches 0 first is nan winner, but nan tricky point is that nan past arrow must deed a double sector. Professionally, nan crippled is played pinch 2 players only.

2️⃣ What is simply a 9 dart finish?

The 9 dart decorativeness is simply a winning strategy connected nan crippled 501 that galore pro players effort to use. Essentially, it intends winning nan crippled pinch only 9 arrows. You request to beryllium skilled and highly meticulous to deed peculiar 9 dart decorativeness combinations to execute that.

3️⃣ How galore ways to get a 9 dart finish?

In pro-darts matches, you often spot 3 most communal 9 dart decorativeness combinations. Generally, each of them start pinch six triple 20 sectors, but proceed differently. There is simply a 4th nine-dart decorativeness combination, but it is little popular. Still, immoderate players put it successful play.

4️⃣ Which players person nan astir 9 dart decorativeness wins?

The professionals who could execute 9 dart decorativeness wins are not that many. We person gathered nan top 3 9 dart players, and they won’t alteration soon. The full number of 9 dart decorativeness wins of nan first 2 is 24 and 22, while nan quality pinch nan 3rd spot is rather important because he has only 12.

5️⃣ What are nan likelihood of a 9 dart finish?

The statistic show that successful 111,000 pro matches, location were 265 recorded specified wins, truthful you tin understand really slim nan 9 dart decorativeness odds are. We tin opportunity that astir location is one 9 dart decorativeness each 419 games. Despite nan little chances, immoderate sports betting operators connection specified wagers.

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