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In 1993, MMA quickly became a wide word aft its first documented usage by well-known professional Howard Rosenberg successful his review of ‘UFC 1’ for nan Los Angeles Times. The UFC was formed that aforesaid twelvemonth and has steadily grown much celebrated passim North America ever since.

Unfortunately, Canada wasn’t arsenic speedy to adopt MMA. In 2013, Bill S-209 yet decriminalized MMA wrong nan country, which gave each state nan powerfulness to create diversion commissions that would beryllium responsible for regulating and sanctioning master MMA fights.

On nan betting broadside of things, only Ontario allows and regulates online commercialized sportsbooks. That said, astir different provinces person replacement options for betting connected MMA bouts, including in-person astatine lottery kiosks and/or online astatine government-owned sportsbooks specified arsenic ‘Proline’ and ‘PlayNow’.

Read connected to study important accusation each Canadian should know earlier placing immoderate wagers connected MMA fights.

Popular MMA Fighting Styles

MMA fighting styles tie inspiration from a number of different combat disciplines. Understanding what these disciplines are each about, and really they’re incorporated into each fighter’s combat style, tin supply valuable penetration erstwhile deciding who to stake connected up of a large match. Here are immoderate of nan astir frequently-used styles successful MMA today.


When astir group deliberation astir a accepted fight, they envision boxing. Common associations see reddish padded leather gloves, a prototypical roped ring, and a large doorbell to alert each who perceive it whenever a information has officially ended aliases began.

This style is mostly focused connected fighting utilizing fist strikes, hence nan ample gloves. Fast footwork besides plays a ample role, opening up an force for speedy jabs and different strikes.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The inception of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) tin beryllium traced backmost to 1925, wherever it was developed by nan 5 Gracie brothers astatine nan ‘Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy’ successful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Carlos Gracie was nan existent laminitis arsenic nan inspiration for galore of BJJ’s techniques came from Carlos’ clip pinch Japanese judo maestro Esai Maeda.

Most of nan style is focused connected grappling, crushed fighting, and submission holds. The extremity is to unit an force to nan crushed earlier utilizing BJJ moves featuring associated locks and chokeholds to immobilize them into submission. Fighters who specialize successful this style are people much apt to triumph by submission than by different avenues to victory.


Derived from some Okinawan and Japanese martial arts, techniques are typically powerful arsenic good arsenic linear pinch a attraction connected striking. What makes karate unsocial is nan attraction connected the intelligence facet of combat, pinch a batch of accent put connected effort arsenic good arsenic respect successful bid to beryllium a combatant that is some physically and mentally strong.


Kickboxing is somewhat arsenic it sounds, focusing connected a operation of boxing-style punches and martial arts-style kicks. Boxing gloves are utilized successful kickboxing matches, and galore elements of karate tin beryllium recovered successful nan kicking techniques. A celebrated subdiscipline of kickboxing is Muay Thai.


Wrestling draws a batch much similarities to BJJ than it does to different celebrated fighting styles, considering striking blows are not permitted. It’s each astir hand-to-hand combat, focused connected taking nan force down to nan level and forcing them into submission.

Methods of Victory

There are four different ways a combatant tin win an MMA bout – ‘Submission’ (SUB), ‘Knockout’ (KO), ‘Technical Knockout’ (TKO), and ‘Judges’ Decision’. If nan conflict ends successful a judges’ decision, location are a fewer different factors that find really nan last ruling is made. Refer to nan array beneath for cardinal accusation connected really to triumph an MMA fight.

Method of Victory Explanation
Submission (SUB) Fighter physically aliases verbally taps retired done a ineligible method of submission during immoderate round.
Knockout (KO) Fighter is knocked unconscious by a onslaught aliases different shape of impact.
Technical Knockout (TKO) The referee halts nan lucifer and declares a method knockout owed to nan magnitude aliases severity of strikes aliases different effect upon a fighter.
Judges’ Decision When nan method of triumph is not a SUB, KO, aliases TKO, a sheet of 3 judges present scorecards resulting successful either a unanimous, majority, aliases divided decision.
Judges’ Decision – Unanimous A judges’ determination is unanimous erstwhile each 3 judges ballot for nan aforesaid fighter.
Judges’ Decision – Majority A judges’ determination is considered to beryllium a mostly erstwhile 2 judges ballot for 1 combatant and nan 3rd votes ‘Draw’.
Judges’ Decision – Split A judges’ determination is seen arsenic divided erstwhile 2 judges prime 1 combatant and nan 3rd picks nan other.
Judges’ Decision – Draw When a judges’ determination is simply a draw, that tie itself tin either beryllium unanimous, a majority, aliases a divided depending connected really votes are cast.

Understanding MMA Weight Classes

Like galore different combat sports, MMA fighters are separated and compete successful different divisions based connected weight class. These classes besides disagree betwixt nan men’s and women’s divisions. Refer to nan tables beneath for a afloat breakdown of men’s and women’s MMA weight classes.

Table caption goes here MMA Weight Class Division Weight Requirements
Strawweight Women’s 115-pound limit
Flyweight Men’s & Women’s 125-pound limit
Bantamweight Men’s & Women’s 135-pound limit
Featherweight Men’s & Women’s 145-pound limit
Lightweight Men’s 155-pound limit
Welterweight Men’s 170-pound limit
Middleweight Men’s 185-pound limit
Light Heavyweight Men’s 205-pound limit
Heavyweight Men’s 265-pound limit

Popular Ways to Bet connected MMA Fights successful Canada

Most Canadians stake connected MMA fights by betting connected nan UFC, though nan Bellator MMA convention besides draws a batch of interest. There aren’t arsenic galore MMA stake types arsenic different sports, but it is still 1 of nan astir celebrated and breathtaking betting sports. Most MMA betting sites usage ‘American odds’, expressed arsenic a affirmative worth (ex. +150) for underdog fighters and a antagonistic worth (ex. -260) for fighters considered to beryllium nan favourite.

Here are each of nan disposable MMA stake types disposable astatine astir sportsbooks serving Canadians. Once you person go acquainted pinch them, simply take a sportsbook based connected what’s disposable to you successful your existent province, and you’re fresh to stake connected nan adjacent large UFC Fight Night. Good luck!


Placing a moneyline stake simply intends choosing 1 of 2 fighters to beryllium the outright victor of immoderate bout. For example, if Rose Namajunas has moneyline likelihood of -150, she would beryllium nan favorite.

The likelihood besides show america really profitable a stake will be. For example, a $50 wager connected Namajunas astatine -150 would output an $83 payout (your original $50 liking positive a $33.50 profit).

Total Rounds

Total rounds betting simply intends betting connected how galore rounds a conflict will last. Essentially, each bout is fixed an over/under rounds total.

For example, a UFC conflict has a full rounds worth of ‘2.5’. If nan conflict lasts for 3 rounds aliases more, a stake connected nan ‘Over’ would win, whereas nan conflict would request to past for 2 rounds aliases little for a stake connected nan ‘Under’ to cash.

Parlay Betting

A parlay stake is simply a combination bet that tin see immoderate of nan antecedently mentioned stake types. Each azygous stake successful a parlay is called a ‘leg’ and each legs must deed for nan wager to win. For example, a two-leg parlay picking Michel Pereira to triumph connected nan moneyline and nan bout to past nether 2.5 rounds.

Futures Betting

Futures betting is simply a wager connected a early event. In UFC betting, this intends wagering connected a circumstantial combatant to be nan existent champion of their weight class arsenic of December 31st. For example, betting connected Jon Jones to beryllium nan ‘Men’s UFC Heavyweight Champion’ connected December 31st, 2024.


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