Maryland House to Vote on Online Casino Gaming

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Though online sportsbooks are becoming much wide accepted from a ineligible perspective, online casino gaming is still somewhat rare. Maryland legislators are pushing now to beforehand HB 1319 done nan House, pinch nan purpose to person it passed by March 18.

Could Maryland go nan latest authorities to let ineligible online casino gaming? That is what Del. Vanessa Atterbeary and different legislators are hoping to achieve. A House committee has officially precocious HB 1319, which would legalize online casino gaming successful nan state.

The extremity is to guarantee that nan measure will beryllium connected nan ballot for predetermination clip successful November. That said, Atterbeary and different supporters are facing beardown opposition.

Introduction of nan Bill

The measure itself, House Bill 1319, was introduced by Vanessa Atterbeary. She chairs nan Ways and Means Committee, and nan measurement would beryllium to let each of nan six brick-and-mortar casino locations to beryllium capable to tally arsenic galore arsenic 3 iGaming operations successful nan state.

The move would besides push to grow nan imaginable disposable iGaming licenses from nan existent 12 to arsenic galore arsenic 30. What is absorbing astir nan measure is that it would besides prohibit nan usage of in installments cards arsenic a backing root astatine online casinos.

Updated Language

This isn’t nan first incarnation of HB 1319. This is an overhaul of antecedently projected iGaming legislation, advocating a gradual licensing process. In summation to gaining up to 3 iGaming licenses each, nan six brick-and-mortar casinos would request to stock 5% of their iGaming gross pinch a societal equity applicant partner. The request is to suffice for nan first iGaming license. A revenue-sharing statement of 33% would unlock nan 3rd license.

There would beryllium requirements for societal equity applicants arsenic well. Attendance requirements and individual nett worthy limitations apply. Tax rates, however, person been unchanged from nan first bill. Lawmakers and stakeholders person been opposed to nan 20% taxation for unrecorded trader games and 55% for array games and slots.

Tight Window

Maryland House Needs to Pass iGaming Bill by Monday | Poker Industry PRO

As of now, nan model to push nan measure guardant is tight. The March 18 crossover deadline is simply a large milestone, but nan April 8 extremity of nan legislative convention is nan difficult deadline. Getting nan measure pushed done up of nan extremity of nan convention is cardinal to ensuring that it reaches nan ballot erstwhile voters caput to nan polls successful November. Senate leaders person publically stated that they are opposed to some gaming description arsenic good arsenic taxes, astatine slightest successful this session, but nan level of that pushback remains to beryllium seen.


With nan authorities legislative convention going done April 8, clip is moving short for this measure to walk and scope nan ballot. A cardinal time will travel during nan General Assembly’s “crossover” time connected March 18. If support tin push it onto nan ballot, voters will person nan eventual opportunity successful whether aliases not online casino games will beryllium disposable successful nan future.