How Roulette Wheels are Made

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Online casinos person changed really we look astatine array games. Rather than emotion nan felt aliases proceeding nan authentic rotation of a roulette wheel, we now dream to get done arsenic galore hands and spins arsenic imaginable successful nan shortest play of time.

That said, location are chopped differences betwixt in-person and online roulette. If you’re a instrumentality of nan game, particularly successful person, and watch to task into nan existent casino versus a live casino, you whitethorn beryllium wondering really nan wheels are made. Check retired nan process below.

Materials and Regulations

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For nan astir part, modern roulette wheels are made of wood, conscionable arsenic their early counterparts were. Wood is reliable and gives nan instrumentality that vintage, prestigious look. A polish is applied to springiness it a soft look, though nan halfway is typically made of metallic aliases plastic.

All roulette wheels person a 32-inch diameter. Most measurement astir 100 pounds, though that tin alteration depending connected size and nan materials used. The number of pockets tin alteration depending connected nan style of roulette being played. European and French roulettes person 37 pockets while American roulette has 1 much for nan double zero.


When nan woody framework has been completed, sandblasting and polishing are performed. Painting follows, though nan woody texture is mostly kept. If anything, nan broadside and edges of nan instrumentality get painted.

The metallic instrumentality is past put into spot pinch numbers put successful their due positions. If it seems for illustration they’re random, they aren’t; due placement ensures balance. Divider pockets past spell connected apical of nan numbers truthful that nan shot will extremity connected 1 number. Finally, a grip is picked and is past installed successful nan mediate of nan wheel, completing nan accumulation process.


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As is nan lawsuit pinch immoderate different product, immoderate bully roulette instrumentality will spell done rigorous testing. The extremity is to make judge that nan triumph spins smoothly and that location are nary issues aliases irregularities pinch it. Each of nan pockets is measured to guarantee abstraction betwixt them.

The champion (and astir expensive) wheels are built to past a long, agelong time. Some of nan champion roulette wheels connected nan marketplace tin past for a mates of decades earlier they are yet worn down and request replacing.


When each is said and done, nan extremity consequence is simply a beautifully crafted, nosy portion of casino equipment. More elaborate wheels spell done a spot much fine-tuning and detail, but nan wide process is mostly nan same. All to create nan excitement that only roulette tin deliver.