Great Canadian Casino Resort to Host Toronto’s First WSOP Circuit Event

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The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is 1 of nan biggest gatherings successful nan world of poker. As 1 of nan largest cities successful nan world, Toronto is group to deed a awesome accomplishment by hosting a WSOP circuit arena for nan first time.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is simply a staple of nan poker community. This immense arena draws millions of dollars from entrants and ratings each clip it is held. For nan casino and metropolis of Toronto, an important milestone is astir to beryllium achieved.

Great Canadian Entertainment announced that it will big nan first-ever WSOP Circuit arena astatine nan Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto. The arena will return spot from March 22 – April 1, 2024. It is an important milestone for Toronto arsenic a hub for important poker and gaming events.

WSOP Circuit Event

For nan arena itself, which features 8 Circuit Ring events overall, nan header will beryllium nan $3.9 cardinal full prize pool. The Main Event features a $2,000 buy-in pinch much than $2.1 cardinal for that prize excavation alone.

There will besides beryllium nan $3,500 High Roller event, which will person complete $850,000 successful prize money arsenic well. The Circuit Event is simply a travel up and a measurement to build connected nan 54th yearly WSOP, which collapsed records past summer.

Comments from Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto

This is what it's for illustration to sojourn Toronto's caller $1 cardinal casino

It goes without saying, but nan Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto is thrilled to beryllium hosting nan city’s first-ever WSOP Circuit Event.

Robert Katsavelos, nan General Manager of Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto, had this to say: “We are thrilled to collaborate pinch GGPoker to bring nan World Series of Poker to Toronto for nan first time.” This is simply a fitting milestone that will create further momentum for our precocious opened 30-table poker room astatine Great Canadian Toronto, Canada’s newest and largest casino resort.”

“We are excited to invited tourney participants from crossed nan North American poker community,” he continued, “and from correct present successful nan metropolis of Toronto and are definite that this arena is going to beryllium a immense success.”

Great Canadian Entertainment

Great Canadian Casino Resort unfastened successful Toronto | CTV News

Originally founded successful 1982, Great Canadian Entertainment is simply a monolithic brand. There are 25 different entertainment, gaming, and hospitality properties located passim Canada. Great Canadian Entertainment offers much than 19,000 slot machines, 650 unrecorded array games, and 1 cardinal quadrate feet to supply unsocial gaming and intermezo destinations for illustration ne'er before.


Though online casinos proceed to thrive, poker fans successful Toronto will beryllium treated to unrecorded entree to 1 of nan awesome WSOP Circuit events that hap passim nan year. It is an important arena for some nan Tour itself arsenic good arsenic nan metropolis of Toronto. The business seems for illustration a lucifer made successful Heaven and will bring WSOP action to nan bosom of Canada for nan first time.