Doomsday Preppers

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Doomsday Preppers

Published: 16 January 2024

Over 40% of nan group successful Nebraska, Maine, and Arizona, and astir half of nan residents of some Ontario and British Columbia opportunity that they’ve done thing that would count arsenic last day prep wrong nan past 12 months. This includes stockpiling supplies, learning endurance skills, and creating emergency plans.

To spot really nan remainder of nan U.S. and Canada feels astir nan apocalypse, we conducted a study of 5,000 residents (3,000 from nan U.S. and 2,000 from Canada). We besides analyzed online tendencies successful nan 2 countries via hashtags and Facebook groups to spot what we could uncover astir nan wide cognition toward nan extremity of life arsenic we cognize it. Here’s what we found.

Key Takeaways

  • More than 56% of Americans and Canadians person done thing to prep for last day successful nan past 12 months
  • Most Americans and Canadians judge that a earthy disaster is astir apt to origin an apocalyptic script successful their lifetime
  • Only 2% of Americans and Canadians consciousness afloat prepared for a last day event
  • The mean personification successful nan U.S. and Canada spends conscionable $441 preparing for an apocalypse

Nebraska Leads nan Doomsday Charge

Just nether half of each residents successful Nebraska study that they’ve prepared for nan apocalypse successful nan past year. And they’re not alone—Maine, Arizona, and Mississippi each travel successful astatine complete 30%.

Most Doomsday Preppers successful nan US

Of nan apical 20 states that location nan astir doomsday-prepared residents, an mean of astir 20% of each residents person done thing to prep for nan worst successful nan past 12 months, based connected our study alone.

Behind nan apical 4 states—Nebraska, Maine, Arizona, and Mississippi—are nan following, on pinch nan percent of residents who fearfulness nan worst successful each state.

  • Missouri: 27%
  • Arkansas: 25%
  • North Carolina: 18%
  • Florida: 17%
  • Illinois: 16%
  • Maryland: 15%
  • Michigan: 15%
  • Colorado: 14%
  • Massachusetts: 14%
  • Tennessee: 14%
  • Virginia: 13%
  • Wisconsin: 12%
  • Georgia: 11%
  • Louisiana: 11%
  • Alabama: 10%
  • Kentucky: 10%

We noticed that nan impulse to hole for nan worst isn’t conscionable reserved for coastal states, states wherever seismic activity is an issue, aliases states successful Tornado Alley. There seems to beryllium a cosmopolitan fearfulness that things mightiness not beryllium arsenic pleasant and comfortable successful nan adjacent early arsenic they are today.

Despite astir 20% of nan residents successful these states taking action to prepare, only 9% of each Americans identified arsenic preppers. To beryllium fair, though, astir group who person prepped person spent nether $500 doing so, and nan mostly of them person done things for illustration stockpile nutrient and h2o and study endurance skills.

That’s a acold outcry from building a explosive shelter, but still…it suggests that a bully information of Americans are worried astir nan future.

B.C. and Ontario: The Best astatine Preparing for nan Worst

A small further north, British Columbia and Ontario are Canada’s 2 twitchiest provinces. Both provinces people 90 retired of 130 connected our civilization last day prepper metric, making them nan places pinch nan highest attraction of group who are earnestly concerned astir nan apocalypse happening sometime adjacent week.

Most Doomsday Preppers successful Canada

A astonishing 51% of British Columbia residents opportunity that they’ve done immoderate type of last day prep successful nan past 12 months—more than nan residents of immoderate azygous U.S. state. A whopping 12,000 group are besides members of astatine slightest 1 B.C.-based prepper Facebook group, good supra nan wide mean of 5,000 for Canada arsenic a whole.

B.C. residents walk $792 per twelvemonth connected preparedness, which isn’t overmuch but besides isn’t nothing—and it’s astir doubly what U.S. residents person spent. A comparatively humble 14% of British Columbians are campers. Now, camping pinch your car and a cooler afloat of brew mightiness not thief you past nan apocalypse, but we’re judge astatine slightest immoderate of those 14% person learned useful skills while they’re enjoying nan awesome outdoors…or, astatine least, they judge they have.

Ontario’s residents stock immoderate communal crushed pinch their West Coast brethren, astatine slightest erstwhile it comes to preparing for nan worst. Responders from Ontario opportunity they walk $1,342 per twelvemonth connected endurance gear, which puts them up of British Columbians by a decent margin. However, conscionable 8% of group from Ontario see themselves campers; we’ll opportunity those 2 stats cancel each different out.

A respectable 50% of Ontario residents besides opportunity they’ve done immoderate last day prep wrong nan past year, which is conscionable 1 meager percent constituent down group from British Columbia. To dress up for it, Ontario residents are much apt to beryllium progressive successful their online prepper communities, pinch 18,000 group belonging to 1 aliases much apocalypse-related Facebook groups.

Earthquakes and Viruses and A-bombs, Oh My

Out of each nan apocalyptic scenarios we asked about, earthy disasters are nan astir concerning to Americans and Canadians. A coagulated 40% of responders opportunity that they deliberation a earthy disaster could create an apocalyptic script successful their lifetime. We don’t cognize astir you, but that seems for illustration a lot.

Doomsday Prepping Habbits

An arsenic astonishing 12% of Americans and 18% of Canadians opportunity that they deliberation atomic warfare could origin nan extremity of days earlier they footwear nan bucket. This is thing compared to nan astir 100% of nan organization who were worried astir atomic wintertime during nan Cold War, but it still seems reasonably high.

An end-of-the-world pandemic is only a awesome interest for 20% of Americans and Canadians, which is astonishing for nan other reason, fixed really caller nan twelvemonth we mislaid to COVID-19 is successful galore people’s minds.

An enlightened 1% of responders return nan sensible attack and rank each of nan supra arsenic nan astir apt apocalyptic script to hap during their lifetime. We whitethorn beryllium laughing now, but conscionable hold until a caller ace bug gets dispersed by a atomic limb during a awesome recession.

On a much superior note, nan truth that immoderate group judge they whitethorn unrecorded to spot much than 1 world-ending catastrophe is much than a spot concerning. Fears of nan apocalypse are arsenic aged arsenic humanity itself, but we can’t thief but deliberation that nan past fewer years person made group a small much delicate to nan thought that world-changing events are becoming much common.

Even pinch each of that said, only 64% of Americans and 54% of Canadians opportunity they’ve done thing that qualifies arsenic prepping. Out of those percentages, 61% and 48%, respectively, opportunity each they’ve done is stockpile nutrient and water. Only 1% of Americans and 3% of Canadians consciousness they are afloat prepared for an apocalyptic event.

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

While last day prepping seems for illustration it’s taking complete arsenic news outlets and articles online item nan astir out-there preppers, nan reality is that only 9% of Americans and 7% of Canadians place themselves arsenic preppers. Sure, astir group person done immoderate type of last day mentation wrong nan past year, but there’s a large quality betwixt making judge nan generator has state and stockpiling guns and ammo successful an underground bunker.

Whether aliases not you deliberation last day prepping is simply a bully thought aliases an overreaction, nan bottommost statement is that group successful parts of North America are acrophobic of nan apocalypse. Government assurance is dwindling, while fears of ambiance alteration and economical illness are connected nan rise.

You astir apt don’t request to commencement filling h2o bottles pinch state aliases breaking crushed connected a caller bunker, but you mightiness want to person a small other canned crockery connected hand…just successful case.


We reviewed societal media trends related to prepping crossed nan U.S. and Canada to observe which communities return their last day readiness astir seriously. We looked specifically astatine trends related to nan position “prepper” and “flat-earther” based connected Facebook Group activity and hashtags. Additionally, we looked astatine nan level of preparedness successful each province, on pinch earthy disaster occurrence, fears related to ambiance change, deficiency of religion successful institutions, and levels of technological knowledge.

We besides conducted a study of 3,000 Americans and 2,000 Canadians successful December 2023 to find nan states and provinces pinch nan astir self-identified preppers. The median property of nan respondents was 35; 44% were male, 55% were female, and 1% identified arsenic non-binary.

Fair Use

Our contented and visuals tin beryllium shared for non-commercial use. If you usage our content, please see a nexus backmost to this page to admit our original research, writing, and image production.

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