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Chess Board and Pieces successful Start Position

If you determine to effort a caller hobby, past cognize that playing chess successful nan Philippines is 1 of nan trendy options. The ancient crippled is drafting attention because it is disposable to everyone, and location is nary typical instrumentality required too nan chess committee and pieces.

In this blog post, you tin find retired really nan Chess Olympiad 2022 results for nan Philippines beryllium that nan game’s fame is yet to increase moreover more.

History of Chess successful nan Philippines – How nan Game Crossed Time

Today, anyone tin subordinate nan thousands of group playing chess successful nan Philippines. All you request is simply a chess set, immoderate free time, and an opponent. If we caught your curiosity, present is why chess is still truthful interesting to players successful this country:

Chess Question Answer
When was chess first played successful nan Philippines? There is nary accusation connected erstwhile Filipinos first played chess, but nan 1st Philippines International Chess Tournament was successful Manila successful 1973.
What chess tournaments tin Filipino players participate in? There are galore world tournaments by FIDE and different organizations, nan Philippines Chess Olympiad and different Filipino tournaments.
What is nan highest title a Filipino subordinate tin achieve? Grandmaster (GM), followed by International Master (IM), FIDE Master (FM), and Candidate Master.
How do I go a Filipino National Master successful chess? Hold a chess master’s standing of complete 2200 for complete 300 USCF-rated chess games successful tournaments.
Is location a chess federation for Filipino players? There is nan Professional Chess Association of nan Philippines and nan Professional Chess Trainers Association of nan Philippines (PCTAP, INC).
Is location a money prize successful Filipino chess competitions? Playing chess successful nan Philippines brings fame and respect. Some tournaments person monetary rewards aliases worldly prizes alongside nan nickname documents.
Who tin play chess successful nan Philippines? A Filipino chess subordinate tin beryllium anyone sloppy of age, occupation, gender, aliases status. Even 3 aliases 4-year-old children acquainted pinch nan rules tin play and participate a competition.
Where tin I play chess successful nan Philippines? There are chess clubs, chess rooms, locations successful nan parkland wherever players gather, and anyplace other wherever you tin group nan chess committee without nan pieces falling off. On online chess sites, you tin play against a machine aliases a subordinate surviving connected nan different broadside of nan world.

Considering each this, it is easy to understand why group are truthful fond of this strategy committee game. Each personification classed arsenic a Filipino chess subordinate has taken his fascination to different level by becoming a professional.

The worldwide fame of nan logical crippled is nan logic for nan creation of galore world competitions. Before reaching those peaks, Filipinos tin participate nan Chess Olympiad successful nan Philippines and different nationalist tournaments.

Is Chess Popular successful nan Philippines?

Stylish Black Queen and Black Knight successful Play

The first Filipino chess grandmaster paved nan roadworthy for galore young players. Today, location are thousands of master chess players and moreover much casual players. Here is what a chess PH Master says astir it:

Chess is very celebrated successful nan Philippines; successful each corner, you spot group playing without clocks, conscionable enjoying nan game.FM Alekhine Nouri

Obviously, a crippled of chess has nothing to do pinch luck, however, gamblers often spot wagers connected chess games astatine nan best sports betting sites successful nan Philippines for 2024. During nan rich | chess history, location person been ups and downs, but nan crippled resists clip and adversities.

The only antagonistic of playing chess successful nan Philippines is nan low monetary prizes for nan champions. Players and fans of nan crippled dream that pinch nan expanding popularity, this will change, and nan athletics will go moreover much appealing pinch higher rewards.

Where Do People Go to Play Chess successful nan Philippines?

If you determine to play chess successful nan Philippines, you tin do truthful by joining 1 of nan 65 chess clubs registered astatine nan National Chess Federation of nan Philippines. There are 23 clubs rated 5 stars and 6 rated 4 stars.

If you for illustration to beryllium free from nan restrictions of taking clip to sojourn nan land-based chess rooms, past cognize that 26 chess clubs person online chess sites. There are besides galore world sites unfastened for Filipino players.

Are There Any Filipino Grandmasters?

White King and Queen Chess Pieces

There is much than 1 Filipino chess Grandmaster, and they each astonish nan crowd successful each feasible way. For example, GM Eugenio “Eugene” Torre became nan first Filipino and Asian subordinate who qualified for nan Grandmaster title.

NM Florencio Campomanes is nan only non-European FIDE president (1982-1995). GM Barbossa So is simply a three-time U.S. Chess Champion and three-time Philippine Chess Champion. And that is conscionable portion of nan database of Philippines’ chess Grandmasters.

Alekhine Nouri is different sanction you whitethorn spot arsenic nan champion Filipino chess player. He became nan youngest Filipino and world FIDE Master and existent Philippine Juniors Champion.

The girls besides astonish nan crowd. In 2017, Janelle Mae Frayna became nan youngest Filipino chess Grandmaster – Woman Grandmaster by FIDE and nan existent Philippine Women’s Chess Champion.

On June 9th, 2023, nan 10-year-old Nika Juris Nicolas became nan first female chess National Master. It is expected this to beryllium 1 of nan galore early achievements of nan young player.

Most Popular Chess Tournaments

Chess Pieces connected Grass Covered Playing Board

We tin find a batch of sports news astir chess successful nan Philippines astir nan existent champion players successful nan world ranking. There are moreover PH online casinos that besides connection sports betting services and supply players pinch nan opportunity to stake connected and support their favourite players successful world and Filipino competitions.

Chess Tournaments successful nan Philippines

The first charismatic chess championship successful nan state was held successful 1908 during President Emilio Aguinaldo’s revolutionary government. The first victor became nan Filipino Cabinet Secretary General Fernando Canon.

During nan past century, nan championships classed Filipino players and showed who were nan National Masters. Today, location are online, successful club, and nationalist championships organized by nan Philippines Chess Federation.

Filipino Chess International Masters

Every Filipino chess grandmaster has participated successful an world chess title and has a spot successful nan world ranking. The largest tournaments are nan Chess Olympics, Grand Swiss, and FIDE tournaments.

The rank lists alteration perpetually because galore competitions and games thief players amended their scores. Here is simply a database of nan most celebrated Filipino players successful 2023:

  • Julio Catalino Sadorra: FM (2004), IM (2007), GM (2011)
  • Oliver Barbosa: IM (2008), GM (2011)
  • Mark Paragua: IM (2001), GM (2005)
  • Paulo Bersamina: FM (2011), IM (2014)
  • Darwin Laylo: IM (2006), GM (2007)
  • Janelle Mae Frayna: WFM (2013), WIM (2014), WGM (2017)
  • Marie Antoinette San Diego: WFM (2012), WIM (2017)
  • Jan Jodilyn Fronda: WIM (2014)
  • Bernadette Galas: WIM (2013)
  • Shania Mae Mendoza: WFM (2014)

Considering each nan above, it becomes clear that successful nan past 20 years, chess successful nan Philippines has drawn attention. The glory of nan Filipino players grows arsenic they return complete higher positions successful world competitions.


Chess successful nan Philippines has ever had fans, but nan mobility is whether nan fanbase is increasing aliases not. We answered this and a fewer different questions below. If nan answers are not enough, nan links will lead you to nan typical blog station dedicated to nan fame of chess.

1️⃣ Who is nan champion chess subordinate successful nan Philippines?

It is difficult to rank each existing Filipino chess players. It is recorded that group played chess successful nan Philippines complete 200 years ago, which is portion of a millennial history of chess. Today, GM Eugenio 'Eugene' Torre is considered nan champion Filipino chess player.

2️⃣ What causes chess' newfound glory successful nan Philippines?

During nan past decades, much Filipino chess players person participated successful world competitions. This creates nan mobility is playing chess successful nan Philippines popular, and nan astonishing results beryllium that nan game's glory and fanbase grows. We are yet to spot really nan young players will execute successful early tournaments and really galore titles they will bring home.

3️⃣ Who are nan Filipino chess Grandmasters?

There are millions of chess players worldwide, and they each dream and activity difficult to get nan highest imaginable title successful nan game. Many names connected nan database are Grandmasters from nan Philippines. Some of nan champion Filipino chess players are Eugenio Torre, Janelle Mae Frayna, Julio Catalino Sadorra, and more.

4️⃣ How to beryllium a National Master successful chess successful nan Philippines?

To go a National Master (NM), you request to triumph nan chess tournaments successful nan Philippines and hold nan high-ranking position for a definite number of games. Don't beryllium amazed to spot that much than 1 Filipino chess Grandmaster does not person a Filipino NM title.

5️⃣ How Filipino chess players go Grandmasters and FIDE Masters?

The first measurement is to triumph almost each chess tourney successful nan Philippines and clasp nan title for nan required time. Becoming a Filipino National Master is simply a awesome step, but moreover without it, you tin triumph international chess tournaments and go Grandmaster, FIDE Master, and International Master.

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