Can You Count Cards at an Online Casino?

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The champion of nan champion successful nan blackjack world person been known to employment card-counting strategies. With much and much players venturing into online blackjack, nan mobility becomes, “Can you count cards astatine an online casino?” Let’s dive into nan taxable below.

What is Card Counting?

There person been plentifulness of gambling movies that make paper counting look for illustration it is simply a awesome and analyzable strategy. Believe it aliases not, you don’t person to beryllium a mathematician to count cards nan adjacent clip that you beryllium down astatine a blackjack table.

Card counting is simply a comparatively basal strategy utilized successful blackjack wherever nan subordinate keeps a moving tally of each nan cards that person already been dealt. Dealers tin person varying numbers of decks, but players tin support way of nan cards that person been dealt to supply much information.

Card counting is fundamentally gathering arsenic overmuch information arsenic imaginable to make a much knowledgeable conjecture arsenic to nan adjacent cards to beryllium dealt. It isn’t cleanable and tin beryllium a spot tougher pinch much decks successful play, but it has go a consistently utilized measurement to summation a flimsy separator connected nan house.

Is it Illegal to Count Cards?

Despite what you mightiness person heard, it really isn’t forbidden to count cards, whether it beryllium successful a existent aliases online casino. That said, casinos mostly frown connected that benignant of thing, truthful usage caution. Doing truthful astatine a brick-and-mortar casino could consequence successful ejection and refusal of service.

That said, astir of nan genuinely bully blackjack players count cards successful immoderate way. It isn’t nan astir analyzable process to study and tin supply a somewhat amended chance of winning than not utilizing this strategy. It isn’t a guaranteed victor but for high-volume players, it is thing that tin somewhat level nan playing section complete time.

Can You Count Cards astatine an Online Casino?

Now to nan million-dollar question. When talking astir online blackjack, location are 2 awesome differences. For one, location is nary dealer. For two, location is nary footwear arsenic cards are randomly generated each round. Every online casino uses a random number generator (RNG), which fundamentally equates to nan cards being shuffled earlier each round.

Since location isn’t a shuffle bid – nor is location a trim paper 80% of nan measurement done 6- and 8-shuffled decks, paper counting would person to beryllium thrown distant up of each round. There isn’t capable information disposable to supply an edge, which fundamentally negates nan strategy arsenic a whole. If you spot personification offering online counting services, it is simply a scam. It simply isn’t imaginable to count cards astatine an online casino pinch immoderate consistency aliases regularity.


There are definite advantages to playing successful personification versus an online casino erstwhile it comes to blackjack. Though paper counting is surely not a guarantee, it does supply a flimsy separator that would different beryllium unavailable. Those attempting to count cards erstwhile playing online blackjack will find themselves sorely disappointed. Even successful unrecorded casinos, nan placement of nan trim paper tin drastically trim immoderate separator nan subordinate would person gotten from counting cards. There is decidedly strategy progressive but not erstwhile it comes to paper counting.