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Published: 16 January 2024

 Sports & Casino Author from CanadaSports & Casino: Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison is simply a master writer who grew up conscionable extracurricular of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He presently useful astatine nan Canadian Press and enjoys nan outdoors successful his free time.

Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto

Located successful nan North York area of Toronto, this 33-acre mega casino just opened successful 2023 and has quickly go a go-to spot for nan city’s intermezo lovers.

This venue is truthful ample and afloat of amenities acknowledgment to nan $1 cardinal fund disposable during construction. Noteworthy features see 4,800 slot machines, 145 array games, and a 400-room edifice (attached).

A 5,000-seat auditorium is different immense draw, featuring a variety of unrecorded shows including concerts and stand-up comedy. There is besides ample room for your car acknowledgment to a multi-level car shed that tin accommodate upwards of 3,800 vehicles.

It’s conveniently located beside Woodbine Racetrack, for those who bask betting connected nan ponies. Talks of building a 2nd casino straight adjacent to these locations person been on-and-off, truthful possibly nan champion is yet to come. For those wanting a afloat casino acquisition extracurricular a bustling metropolis, this location is for you.

Montreal Casino

Located connected Notre Dame Island within Jean-Drapeau Park successful Montreal, this 12-acre casino stretches crossed 3 interconnected buildings. One of nan champion things astir this location is nan number of events including concerts, drama shows, and dances.

The casino besides boasts special events including an yearly New Year’s Eve party spanning from nan day of December 31st until precocious greeting connected New Year’s Day. Other draws see 4 restaurants, 3 bars, and moreover a cabaret.

With over 3,200 slot machines and 115 gaming tables, there’s nary shortage of action. There are besides abstracted accommodation for Keno-type games arsenic good arsenic virtual and lottery games. Montreal is already a basking picnic destination, and a casino of this size and caliber only adds to nan appeal.

Great Canadian Casino Vancouver (Formerly Hard Rock Casino Vancouver)

Located 30 minutes extracurricular Vancouver successful Coquitlam, nan formerly celebrated Hard Rock Casino rebranded to nan Great Canadian Casino connected December 1st, 2023. Great Canadian Entertainment now owns 15 different casinos, including this 1 and nan first casino we mentioned.

Like nan Toronto location, 1 of this casino’s hallmarks is simply a 1,100-seat theatre pinch a plethora of concerts, drama shows, and different events each twelvemonth round. With complete 920 slot machines and 37 unrecorded array games, nan action is mini compared to others connected this list, but it’s still worthy a visit.

A edifice called ‘Gordon Ramsay Burger’ draws a batch of visitors and is 1 of 4 restaurants disposable connected site. Another edifice is called ‘Rock House Grill’, which is an ode to nan casino’s erstwhile Hard Rock branding.

Fallsview Casino Resort Niagara

Located connected the picturesque Fallsview Boulevard adjacent downtown Niagara Falls, this casino is judge to wow you. From a gorgeous position of nan ever-popular Horseshoe Falls to a 5,000-seat multipurpose theatre, there’s thing for everyone.

In fact, location are 2 different intermezo venues connected tract – OLG Stage and Avalon Theatre. The adjoined edifice is besides rather upscale nevertheless reasonably priced, and location are 24 different eating options ranging from Burger King to 21 Club – nan on-site steak and seafood restaurant.

What it lacks successful size, it makes up for successful elegance, but it’s not precisely a closet either. With 3,500 slot machines and 130 array games dispersed complete 200,000 quadrate feet, nan action is non-stop.

River Rock Casino Resort

Located correct beside Vancouver International Airport connected nan Fraser River, River Rock Casino Resort is nan cleanable conflict of convenience and scenery.

As different casino owned by Great Canadian Entertainment, each of nan amenities are impressive. Slot machines are plentiful pinch complete 1,100 to take from, including immoderate of nan largest progressive jackpots successful nan country.

Upwards of 75 unrecorded array games and 104 physics array games are a staple of this facility, and it really boasts nan astir Baccarat tables astatine 1 location successful each of North America. The poker room successful peculiar is rather renowned and regularly hosts ample tournaments.


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