ATG CEO Skarplöth Calls For Differentiated Gambling Tax

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Sweden’s Government Proposal and AGT’s Response

The Swedish authorities (Regeringen) has plans to hike nan gambling taxation complaint from 18% to 22% of nan gross gaming revenue. If approved, this alteration will travel into effect connected July 1st, 2024. As stated, this taxation emergence will bring an further 540 cardinal SEK successful taxation gross each year.

This connection was not received very good by nan public. The main executive of Aktiebolaget Trav och Galopp (ATG), Hasse Lord Skarplöth, replied pinch a statement, saying that nan government’s plans came arsenic a shock. He suggested that nan taxes connected sports betting and equine title betting stay nan same, and nan summation applies only to igaming.

It came arsenic a shock, nan connection for a higher excise taxation connected gambling companies. The ensuing guidance was a consciousness of resignation; really would nan already hard-pressed equine manufacture header pinch nan truth that nan publication from ATG was greatly reduced?’

He said that specified a alteration would only jeopardize nan already well-established sports betting industry. Skarplöth utilized examples from different European countries arsenic reasons why nan authorities should rethink this taxation change. In his opinion, nan sports marketplace should stay nan same, and nan taxation complaint alteration beryllium applied only to nan igaming industry, which includes nan list of licensed Swedish online casinos.

Illegal Gambling successful Sweden

One of nan reasons for nan connection of nan ATG is trying to trim and prevent forbidden gambling activities successful Sweden. As per nan latest study and statistics, nan authorities stated a important maturation of forbidden gambling and vowed to return action.

An Ace of Spades Card connected a Black Background

An summation of forbidden postulation to unlicensed casino websites has hugely accrued since 2019 aft ineligible betting successful Sweden was approved. ATG’s investigation unveils that channelization rates of regulated online gambling successful nan 3rd 4th of 2023 were between 70 and 82%, while sports betting had a complaint of 88%, arsenic opposed to 74% for online casinos.

Two malicious groups are nan main culprits – Infiniza Limited and North Point Management. They relationship for 60% of forbidden gambling visitant postulation successful Q3 of 2023. ATG asserted interest complete this information and announced that they would do everything successful their powerfulness to effort and resoluteness nan rumor successful nan future.

Data and Research Findings

Research has estimated that nan forbidden igaming marketplace is worth betwixt 3.4 and 6.7 cardinal SEK per year, according to ATG. The 2 malicious groups mentioned supra are nan main culprits. Here are immoderate absorbing statistic astir nan Swedish online gambling manufacture that players should see and beryllium alert of.

  1. The government’s taxation connection is simply a 4% rise.
  2. Regeringnen estimates this will bring an further SEK540 cardinal successful gross each year.
  3. Since 2019, location has been a ten-fold summation successful postulation to unlicensed websites.
  4. Channelization rates for regulated gambling successful Q3 of 2023 were betwixt 70% and 82%.
  5. Sports betting’s complaint was 88%, which decreased to 74% for online casinos.
  6. The forbidden marketplace is worthy astatine slightest SEK3.4 cardinal annually.
  7. ATG’s nett gaming gross was up by 4.5% past year.

This accusation proves that ATG’s connection mightiness beryllium a clever thought and should beryllium taken into consideration. The Swedish authorities estimates that nan alteration will bring an further taxation revenue each twelvemonth and will thief pinch nan conflict against forbidden gambling.

Skarplöth does not wholly work together pinch this, arsenic according to him, nan taxation alteration will impact online gambling and reimburse forbidden activity crossed gambling sites. He believes that “their quarterly surveys are alarming and bespeak a important information of problem gamblers successful Sweden, linked to unlicensed gambling sites”.

ATG will return immoderate action basal to unopen down groups for illustration Infiniza Limited and North Point Management Ltd and severely trim forbidden gambling traffic.

ATG’s Successful Period

The GGR from Swedish license-holders successful Q3 of past twelvemonth held dependable astatine SEK6.7 billion, which applies to nan erstwhile 4th arsenic well. The accrued turnover comes from land-based casinos, registering a 30.5% summation from twelvemonth to year.

Meanwhile, ATG had a profound power connected nan Swedish gambling marketplace successful nan 3 months starring to September 2023, resulting successful a double-digit summation successful operating profit.

Compared to past year, nett gaming gross was up by 4.5% to SEK1.35 cardinal from SEK 1.29 cardinal nan erstwhile year. This led to AGT’s highest fig successful history, moreover though nan Swedish marketplace was antecedently stalled.

For 3 months, nan total gross was SEK1.53 billion, up from 3.0% year-to-year. In total, ATG made an operating profit of SEK497 million, indicating a emergence of 13.7% compared to before.

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