5 Best Novomatic Slots

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Novomatic has go a well-known sanction erstwhile it comes to package providers for online casinos. With truthful galore awesome slot titles available, narrowing down nan database to conscionable a fewer of nan very champion was a challenge. That said, location are 5 titles that guidelines a trim supra nan rest.

Novomatic, arsenic 1 of nan apical online and live casino package providers connected nan market, has go synonymous pinch value virtual slot titles. With hundreds of different titles to take from, coming up pinch conscionable 5 was thing short of a task.

Luckily, we’re capable to constrictive down that database to a handful. Below is simply a database of nan 5 champion games being offered by Novomatic correct now astatine online casinos.

Power Stars


Power Stars, delivering a 95.54% return rate, comes pinch 10 different triumph lines each of which salary some ways. The artistic is that of a classical slot title but pinch Wilds everywhere, it delivers for illustration a modern slot. Even better, Power Stars delivers re-spins, which tin boost your chance to triumph moreover more.

Plenty of Fruit 20 


If you announcement a taxable pinch Novomatic’s crippled offerings, it is that fruits are commonplace. They are communal successful nan world of online slots arsenic good but that doesn’t mean that they are nan aforesaid crossed immoderate title. Take Plenty of Fruit 20, for example.

A 5×3 grid featuring 20 paylines, this mean volatility slot plays smoothly and provides endless fun. Wilds and Scatters supply a litany of chances to triumph and nan Gamble fastener tin double up your wager successful conscionable 1 correct guess.

Roaring Forties


Though consequence symbols are rather common, location is conscionable thing astir Roaring Forties that makes it consciousness different. With wild, colorful fruits and Wilds galore, this slot title is elemental yet agleam and fun. With a return of 95.48%, players tin trigger nan Gamble option, which tin lead to a double-up connected your triumph (so agelong arsenic you conjecture nan correct card). Sometimes it pays to support it elemental and that is what Roaring Forties delivers here.

Sizzling Hot Quatro


Sure, it mightiness beryllium awesome to play slots, but what astir playing 4 slots astatine once? Sizzling Hot Quatro brings nan reply to that mobility pinch 1 of nan astir fun, chaotic games around. Each has its ain reel grid featuring bright, well-animate fruits. Paylines are adjustable, Stars and Scatters create moreover bigger wins, and each of nan action continues correct done nan Gamble Feature, wherever doubling up tin beryllium achieved successful 1 speedy guess.

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe


If you want a break from nan fruit-filled action, Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe is nan measurement to go. A classical 5×3 slot machine, look for Wilds to brace up pinch nan biggest cards successful nan deck. A mean volatility slot, nan betting scope is awesome and offers nosy slot action for each kinds of bettors.


With RTP rates of much than 95% crossed nan board, Novomatic has celebrated online slots that proceed to impress. The titles supra are immoderate of nan champion titles connected nan market, each pinch unsocial themes, tremendous graphics, and unparalleled gameplay.

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